Day of the Dragon

42 Human Priest
Day of the Dragon

Guild Rules for members

You should respect your fellow members and all players outside of the guild. (Be nice!) Remember that we are all here to chat and have fun and no single member should prevent others from enjoying themselves. Remember you represent Day of the Dragon when you travel throughout the world and are acting ambassadors for us. Represent us proudly!

Guild members are expected to take part in guild activities, whereas organized events, grouping with other DotD members on a fairly regular basis; helping each other with quests, instances, raids (when we get to that level of game play) and advice and questions when they arise. That does not exclude solo play, forming groups or parties with others, or not jumping in to help every person who asks. It is about finding the right balance to benefit you and the community as a whole. And never forget that the game WoW we play is just that, a game. It allows us to have fun, let’s do so!!

We all enjoy a bit of fun, but insults, name calling, political and racial jokes and other such behavior will not be tolerated. NO political speak in guild chat or trade chat. We are here to escape the real life issues out in the world, let’s keep it light and fun always.

Ninja looting in or out of guild will not be tolerated.

Guild chat, trade chat and voice chat (when we get there) is not a place for begging. You are welcome to ask nicely for any sort of help you may require, but do not beg or spam guild chat with requests.

We will not tolerate cheats, hacks, kill-stealing, or any similar actions outside of the fair play promoted in WoW.

Do not purchase gold, there is a high chance you may be hacked and have your items and guild items stolen. Therefore only a certain amount of people will be made officers until we hit raid content.

Any member who does not play within the rules of the guild and community will be removed from the guild, as this can damage our reputation. Conversely if another player acts poorly toward you, then try to be polite asking them to stop or reach a compromise. There is never an excuse for dealing with the like by the like.

Have self respect within your game ( WoW) Also if you need assistance, for quests or achievements do some research first, try to find the information through forums or websites devoted to the WoW and if you still need assistance feel free then to ask for guildees assistance.

In reference to professions, please try not to charge another guild mate. We are on the same team, going towards the same gold. A tip from a guildee is preferred for you action of providing your profession but do not charge.

Onward to instance runs, if you are asked and accept the invitation to run a guild instance; please try to stay for the duration of the instance. We all understand that real life issues arise, but please do not leave your guild mates hanging by leaving the guild run for something else in game. That is not the way we will do things in DotD. We do appreciate your cooperation in guild and runs and also like to provide all the help we can when you need it as well. You have joined the guild in the understanding that we are all running and playing together for common goals. Leveling the guild and characters through quests and instance runs is our first priority, secondly will come more challenging aspects of the game as soon as we get higher in level.

Ranks are still under development and we will go through and promote and demote as needed when the time comes. We do know that guild rank is important and are working to structure it to help all guild members.

Guild activity and participation is much appreciated and encouraged, the max time players can be offline and inactive is 2 weeks after that, unless a reason has been given for inactivity, the member will be purged from the guild. We understand that vacations come up in real life and by no means place WoW and DotD above any real life issues and matters. If you are going on vacation or taking a leave of absence please in game mail myself, Veressa, Daydragon, Nardor, Caz, and or Bravestone with reason for offline and we will make sure that you are safe from being purged from guild.

The primary aim for DotD is to provide fun, teamwork, and a sense of home. Please try to remember this before you get caught up in loot worries, experience gains, and panicking about not having a group, or a collection of other issues that can steal away your enjoyment of WoW and taking part in DotD.
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42 Human Priest
Enjoyment should be your top priority, as a guild we want the same goal. For you to enjoy yourself and game and take part in guild activities and events. Guild events and activities are aimed at everyone having fun, and while we promote fun, we also ask that you remain focused on the task at hand, come prepared, whether it is a guild run, helping each other quest, eventually raiding or bgs, and remain dedicated to the guild and teammates. Instance/bgs/ raids runs are for the good of the guild not entirely for the good of the individual player.

Any member may arrange a guild event, party, raid or quest group, as long as they do not conflict with existing events in the DotD calendar.

To be continued...
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24 Worgen Druid
Please note that when our beloved master V says "Caz" he is referring to Casimira, also Whitehart :)
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90 Human Mage
Soudns good ;))) Let's have some fun!
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90 Night Elf Druid
Feels like I just read the WoW rule book.. SO MAAANY RULES!
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90 Orc Shaman
This guild seems to be full of commies.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
They are playing on alliance side, so many of these rules do not apply.
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