A brand new guild starting from scratch. I came from a large guild of 600 people, of which perhaps 40 played. After a month of scheduling, recruiting etc, we were unable to get people to commit to the raiding schedule etc.

Having a level 25 Guild isn't the whole game, nor does it make the game fun. Consistent people who enjoy the game make the game fun.

Previously I have run a 10m raiding guild on Doomhammer prior to the server population dying and moving here.

Swiftfang is a pvp'r who really likes Guild BG's etc. PvP'rs are welcome in this guild.

So far we have 5 tabs, Ventrilo, plenty of gold and materials. What we need are people who are willing to take the leap and help us grow. I do not want your gold, bags, materials etc. (and I mean that) we just want you to play and encourage community.

Unlike some of the other guilds out there, we are and have the capacity to be organized without being stuffy and restrictive. Loyalty will be rewarded.

If you might be interested in lending a hand and joining us, please message Morce, or Swiftfang.

Yes I know a new guild is hard. That's okay, we're here for the long haul. Thanks for looking!
Edited by Morce on 11/8/2012 4:50 PM PST