The Return ..Con't

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The Return… Continued

Ytu walked into the courtyard just in time to see Souljaxx punch the poor tree. He saw the many people of Stormwind and surrounding area slowly filtering into the walled area. His eyes fell on Compenso sitting on the orphanage stairs, head in his hands, staring at the bottom step. Not willing to deal with the Worg and Soul, and not really wanting for the company of the women, he headed in the direction of the orphanage, thinking it strange that no children were outside. Comp lifted his head as the Dwarf approached. Their eyes met, pinning each other with the seriousness of the events about to unfold. There were no words for this, none that he knew anyway.

The warrior sat on the cold step next to Compenso, sucked in a long breath and in a low voice said, “Hey bro, what’s the news?”

“Haven’t heard any more than you have I guess; just that we lost so many. I don’t want the children to hear any details. That’s why I’m sitting here, to warn the matrons to keep them indoors.”

Ytu looked up to the high arched window of the cathedral, his demeanor softened a bit as he replied, “That’s the one good thing about you Comp, always thinking of the kids.”

“Well, where do you think most of them were raised? Their MOTHERS are in there!” Comp’s voice cracked with emotion and then Ytu understood the real reason Comp stood guard. Who else could tell Mrs. Beachnor her girl Tazeria was gone, or her boy Swill? IF, and that’s a big IF, it were them. Surely the sweet woman had lost someone and Comp was right to guard this door.

Ytu was still staring at the beautiful arched widow of the Cathedral when Comp spoke.

“Looking at her won’t make her yours Ytu. You know she has always been Balyon’s.” Comp tenderly whispered the words. His gaze followed Ytu’s to that of the dark haired beauty who stood behind the glass. Like a prisoner of the God’s who ruled her house. Even Comp sucked in his breath. Seresta stood with one palm placed against the glass; her eyes fixed on the Mage tower and never noticed the men below had even been watching her.

“What if it was Balyon? Something has happened to him or she would be out here with the rest of us.” Ytu meant to think that sentence, not to speak it aloud. But the words were already on the wind before he had a chance to think about what he’d said.

“Are you wishing that you jackwagon?!” Comp’s voice was harsh but still low enough where no one else could hear.

“Hell NO! But she wouldn’t be standing there unless something was wrong. Warlocks have the way of knowing things. If anyone would know it would be Seresta. I wonder if she knows about all of them. I wonder if she has told Sariseva.” The dwarf had a twinge of guilt for a brief moment and pushed it aside. All his life he had been entranced by the beauty of Seresta. Hell, truth be known, they ALL had crushes on her as boys only some of those crushes had lingered into manhood.

“If she has told Sari, then Sari is doing the smart thing by making no announcements until someone corroborates it within these city walls. When the mage tower lights up, we’ll know. We will all know.”

Comp hung his head to look at the stair again.

“Yeah, man. You’re right. I am gonna hate seein’ that purple light. But I know its commin’. Do you think they’ll all port into the tower? This is four days after the battle, don’tcha think someone would have made it home by now?” Ytu poked the top of Comp’s head slightly to get his attention.

“Bud, someone should have been here I think. That’s what makes me worry even more. “Bree. Taz. Ito. Swill. Zelis. Odage. Someone should have made it here! Holy crap! What if there all gone?!! What if there all DEAD?” Compenso’s face exploded in horror as the adrenaline of proposed loss filled his veins and he hopped up from the step.

Ytu pulled him down hard and got in his face, ”Pull it together! Right now, RIGHT HERE. There’s children inside! Chill out!” Ytu was finding that calming an upset Compenso was more of a chore than it looked. The little healer was holding in a lot of emotion.

After a minute to gather himself, both the young men returned their gazes upon the beauty, high in the cathedral window. Seresta was still standing like a porcelain doll, with one palm against the window. If Ytu looked closed enough, he could see a ring of moisture providing a perfect little outline of the most beautiful hand in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Both sighed.
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Come on Taz! Finish it, we want to know what happened!
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<3 you Taz and
<3 your stories
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