Herald of the Titans

100 Tauren Paladin
I am posting this thread with the goal of finding other fellow Horde Kul Tirasians who are interested in (which means you already have a toon up) in doing Herald of the Titans. At first I decided to go it alone and then meet up with the numerous runs on Openraid, but alas, gearing is a little rougher than expected. Pretty much, if you are doing this already or are interested in joining my venture, please let me know here or in game mail.

(My Herald toon is a warlock)

My plan is to run dungeons together for justice, and then to do some Uld and ICC heroic five man action for gear and weps. Eventually, we will meet up with another group and get this done.

Some rules:

Level 80, no more, no less
Nothing above 226 item level in armor slots
Nothing above 232 item level in weapon slots
Nice if you have at least one profession maxed for extra stats
Wrath epic gems
Wrath enchants
Cata consumables can be used (and will be expected to have)
Reforging can be done, highly recommended to just reforge everything to mastery
Basically have the best stuff you can get that's allowed with level 80 and level 80 gear
You will need to pull 4.5k dps...if you have the Herald gear and can't do that, go quit.

Not every piece will need to be BiS for this, the Cata consumables and reforging allows you to skip out on that...but an item level of around 226 is recommended.

This has been done in MoP on Openraid with five people, so it isn't hard. Bonus points if you are going with holy paladin, disc priest, or monk tank...we will get in to a group no problem.

So if still interested, post, or mail me in-game.
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90 Undead Priest
Still is the best fight ever, in my books.
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100 Tauren Paladin
I agree. I'm a lore junkie and it's always held a special place to me. Unfortunately missed it as a group I was in decided to do it last minute in Wrath and I've wanted it ever since :(.

It has been kinda fun doing nothing but Lich King stuff the past week or so and hoping for gear to drop in Ulduar :P
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