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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Lockout is new to the server as of 11/01/2012 and currently Recruiting Casual Members and Raid Members for Core 10m, Have Gladiator PvP Experience and a few members that have raided since Naxx 40 Also Looking for players for RBGs and world PvP, Must have vent and be able to take constructive criticism, have a sense of humor, and enjoy playing the game to play the game. I love a competitive attitude as much as the next guy but "elitists" will not be tolerated.

We have our own vent server and a website but is currently under construction because it is still setup for our old server.

We are not hardcore, but we are a progression group. Most of us have jobs and are going to school so might not be on 24/7 but are mostly on when we can be, and yes we do also have lives outside of our computers aswell so we aren't expecting 24/7 online commitment but raid attendance is firm.

Casuals are always welcome 85+ required and scheduled PvP to come once we have enough geared and willing members. We gets groups together every day for dailies and every week to get our valor/conquest caps. When we get extra freetime we work on making our toons better our level our alts before bringing them to the server. With more members and alts hitting 90 there is plans for a alt raid.

Raids are on Tues/Th 7:30pm server time.
To be eligible to raid you must:
1.) Maintain a good attendance record (exceptions allowed)
2.) Have a FULL PvE set. PvP gear has no place in a raiding environment and must be replaced before a raid spot is guaranteed to you. (certain scenarios/exceptions may apply.)
3.) All gear must be fully enchanted, gemmed, and reforged (if needed) before raid time.
4.) Have Vent
5.) Understand that we go by the rule: "The best raider will raid" if your performance is holding us back you will be replaced. (ie: consistently causing wipes, low dps/heals, and not knowing fights)
6.) Know the fights before entering the instance. (it is the raiders responsibility to know what he/she needs to do to stay alive well completing their role. watch the fights on youtube and read up on mechanics, so we are not wasting raid time explaining the fights to everyone. However reasonable questions are always welcome we want to learn and succeed.)
7.) Know your toon. (there is truck loads of literature out there about each toon and how to maximize its potential. do your homework.)

What The Comp Looks Like: 2 Tanks, 2 Healers, 2 Melee Dps, 4 Ranged Dps (1 w/ Heal OS)

Tank 1: Open (Death Knight) (Currently filled by Brogarn's Alt paladin.)
Tank 2: Borecraft (Warrior)
Healer 1: Spolticus (Paladin)
Healer 2: Epiphanies (Druid) (Open or Druid/Shammy/Monk - Epiphanies had an alt DK Tank)
Dps 1: Extinktion (Rogue)
Dps 2: Logcabin (Spriest)
Dps 3: Brogarn (Hunter) (Currently Open until a DK tank is found.)
Dps 4: Open (DK/Warrior/Paladin)
Dps 5: Open (Warlock)
Dps 6: Open (Shaman w/ Heal OS)

So Tier Gear will look like this with only one tier having 4 people rolling.
Conqueror Tier: (Paladin/Warlock/Priest)
Paladin (possible)

Protector Tier: (Warrior/Hunter/Shaman/Monk)
Warrior (possible)

Vanquisher Tier: (Rogue/Death Knight/Mage/Druid)
DK Tank
DK Dps (possible)

We are a bunch of fun people and enjoy hanging out well we play if you have any questions or interest in joining post here or contact an officer in game. we are also listed in the guild recruitment UI aswell.

<Lockout Staff>
GM: Spolticus / Cherried ------------------- Conrad
PvE Officer 1: Logcabin / Happyclap ------- Chris
PvE Officer 2: Molsen / Brogarn ----------- Dylan
PvE Officer 3: Rawrmode / Epiphanies ---- Bobby
PvP Officers: TBA

Looking forward to talking and meeting you soon :)

- Spolticus
Edited by Spolticus on 11/9/2012 1:11 PM PST
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90 Troll Druid
Shoot me a message in game adamu#1966

You guys sound like what I'm looking for in a guild. I came to frostwolf about a month ago and I've been searching ever since for a guild that is newer with a casual mature core. I don’t care much for PvE on this toon, I got 1600 in rbgs as Rdruid over 6 months ago and haven't ran Rbgs since I hit 1600. I would want to bring This toon Tresus, my Other 90 Druid "Beargryls" and my DK "Alzheimer" into guild. I never really got into raiding, but eventually I would like to. I work 50+ hours a week so probably wouldn’t be anytime soon. Add my battletag when you have a sec.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
gotchya added ill talk to you in game :)
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
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