Updated Raid Schedule Heart of Fear & Terrace

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So, 1) that post is patronizing as all hell. Thanks for delaying the content for my sake. But really, I think I can manage.

2) You do realize that pushing the content earlier is actually BETTER for casuals. Having more options for gear, and them getting into LFR, will allow them to do regular MV, and start the progression chain into Heroic MV and normal HoF.

Delaying it only will make them realize they don't want to wait to play a game they paid for and will quit after their month sub is up.

So good job on doing it for their sake.

3) What happened to the whole faster content with MoP? There has been less content across the board with the release of MoP.

Vanilla was what... 8 content patches? BC was 4. ICC... don't be fooled by only having 3.3.something... was actually 6 content patches. 3.1, 3.3, and 3.5 were all content patches.

Cata had 4. Only 3 were raids, but they opened with 3 raids, and had big plans for Abyssal Maw that got scrapped.

So... a month in... and 6 bosses. And really nothing else to do at 90. And 6 bosses in a raid, that really doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Why are we even in MV in the first place?
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Neth, any clue as to what the ilvl requirement's will be for HOF LFR?

(Also any word on the VP upgrade system? Some of us have been waiting for weeks on that.)

The iLevel for the Raid Finder will be a minimum of 470.
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As an 'ex-hardcore, now quite casual' player, I like this.

My troop and I have been mostly just doing dailies, heroics, and LFR, to get geared to step into the first raids. We're just about ready to get going, and it'd feel rather overwhelming if there were like 5 raids open, half of which offered lower level gear than the other ones, but were still upgrades, but we didn't have time for all of it etc. It's like 'zomg all 5 raids have upgrades, we need to do them all'.

The only thing I haven't enjoyed is the fact that the valor gear has been locked behind rep. I think the cap on valor per week is good, but you should be able to buy your one piece of valor gear every couple of weeks without also having to grind out dailies. Or, alternatively, you can grind out your dailies and buy the rep gear for gold (or JP, since they're largely worthless). Gives two optional routes to get roughly equivalent gear, rather than forcing everyone to do all the dailies and get the points and then try to fit LFR and raiding in.
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Is there any chance you'd consider delaying Terrace 3 weeks instead of 2? I'm worried about developer availability the first week of heroic if it coincides with thanksgiving. That would put normal mode available the week of Thanksgiving, giving most players new content to enjoy during their vacation and would help ensure that people are available to deal with instances of "clever use of game mechanics" that crop up during heroic progression.
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10/26/2012 04:14 PMPosted by Tainarra


Great terrible wording there.

They already gave the answer. Please go read the blue post. Plus it should be obvious HOF is getting the Part 1 and 2 treatment.

Nothing has changed.

Obvious? I'm not even sure what you are talking about lol. HoF part 1 and 2 treatment? I can make up words too:


Blizz said LFRs would be released after the normals. Here, they are saying Terrace is pushed back, but LFRs schedule remains the same.

That would mean there are two contradictory statements.
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Please do not release Heroic Terrace during Thanksgiving week.
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10/26/2012 09:32 PMPosted by Deafwing
Stop lying to us.. We aren't stupid.. You are gating the content to keep us interested longer and keep content current for as long as possible to get more money out of us.. It isn't rocket science. We downloaded this content long ago, and you are blocking it from us for selfish reasons.
LOL!!!! and what u gonna do about it file a compliant?
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Oct 30: Heart of Fear (N)
Nov 6: Heart of Fear Part 1 (LFR), Heart of Fear (H)
Nov 13: Terrace of Endless Spring (N), Heart of Fear Part 2 (LFR)
Nov 20: Terrace of Endless Spring (LFR), Terrace of Endless Spring (H)

This is correct. :) It's a similar release to what we did with Mogu'shan Vaults.

you may want to edit this then
10/26/2012 01:13 PMPosted by Nethaera
The unlock schedule for Looking For Raid modes for Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring is unaffected by this change. Heroic Heart of Fear will still be accessible to players who have cleared the zone on Normal difficulty.

which explicidly says the LFR schedule didn't change (only normal), which implied terrace LFR was still a go for Nov 6th. unless someone digs through thread to find follow up posts, they may still be inclined to believe this.
Edited by Omegal on 10/26/2012 10:03 PM PDT
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I only raid casually now, so the release schedule honestly doesn't matter much to me. However, it rubs me the wrong way to be clearly lied to. Don't feed me bull and call it honey. The plan to release both raids has been around for months, and nothing about the instance has changed, it's not like you added more bosses, but we're supposed to believe that magically someone had an epiphany and was like "oh noes! that'd be too many bosses at once. let's help these poor guys out and split it up." Seriously? Come on. Obviously that's not the issue at all. Either 5.1 or the content after that has fallen behind; you've looked at your content schedule and realized you need to buy an extra week or two, thus the change. Why can't you just be honest about it? ArenNet and Trion are both very forthcoming with their fans and people appreciate that. Here's a 30 second rough draft for you to work with:

-"Some of our exciting new upcoming content has taken longer to complete than projected. Looking at our content release schedule for the next few months, and taking into consideration Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, we have decided to push back the release of the Terrace of Endless Spring raid...." yada yada same stuff you already wrote, you can even include your thoughts that spreading the content out will actually be better for many people
-insert links to info about new stuff coming in 5.1 and the new raids
-take the 5 minutes to actually prepare a clear listing of the release dates for normal, heroic, and LFR

This patronizing "hey, we're only doing this because it's best for you guys" really gets to me, and I know I'm not the only one.
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I don't even raid anymore, I just find this artificial gating BS a slap in the face. I thought Blizz learned their lessons after ToC / ICC but obviously not.
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It's amazing what internet people will find to complain about...
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I fail to understand the logic behind this decision. It only upsets people who actually raid. Why not just put all the content in the game now, and let guilds work on it at their own pace, rather than forcing people to raid when you want them to? What is there to be gained from releasing already finished content staccato like this? I'm sorry, but even as a non-raider, I'm pretty repulsed by this shallow and transparent attempt at trying to control how people enjoy the game, when there should be less restriction on how people choose to tackle content, not more.
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90 Troll Warrior

it'd feel rather overwhelming.

The problem is that people now think that how they 'feel' should dictate the release of content for other players. Will you at least admit that was a poor choice of words, or are you really so immodest as to think that your feelings matter to anyone except yourself?
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I do wish we could get some clarification on if the asain raiding model is going to be coming here.

Korean. you dont need to say "asian". thats like if they put in an african version and you called it the "black" version.

Do you take pride in being offended for other people? You are inserting your own pejorative connotation into that post.
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The gating is meh but I am used to it they can do what they want...My beef is for 2 expansions now blizz you allowed Korean wow players to not share 10/25 man lockouts...under the guise of calling it testing. Look we are not stupid how many years are you gonna test it for them before you let the USA and other areas of the world do the same? Just unlock 10/25 for us too already this is something that bothers me greatly.
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10/26/2012 04:43 PMPosted by Maladii
Is there any chance you'd consider delaying Terrace 3 weeks instead of 2? I'm worried about developer availability the first week of heroic if it coincides with thanksgiving. That would put normal mode available the week of Thanksgiving, giving most players new content to enjoy during their vacation and would help ensure that people are available to deal with instances of "clever use of game mechanics" that crop up during heroic progression.

I'm interested in hearing a response about this as well.
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players must defeat the Grand Empress Shek’zeer at the end of Heart of Fear before they may move on to Terrace of Endless Spring once that zone unlocks.

Does that include LFR Empress? Kill Shek'zeer in LFR grants flag for normal Terrace?
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