Bad Karma
Tanaris-us (East Coast)
Recruit Officer: Teu

We are now accepting new members for a limited time.

Bad Karma is a Level 25 social/leveling guild with very active players. We encourage social interaction, team attitude and respectful behavior of our members. To foster this ideal, we offer an interactive website with a Guild Forum message board.

We are from the school of WoW is a game for us to play, have fun and relax. We don't get along well with elitist types that are pushy and self-absorbed.

We have an established player base, from around the world and we are often as late as 4:00 in the morning.

Our goal for recruitment is to broaden our player base to allow the social aspect of our guild to flourish. If players within the guild want to form an Arena Team or organize a group run in a dungeon, BG or LFR, we support this team behavior. Raid Teams on the other hand, are to only be coordinated through the Guild Leader and/or Guild Officers. This is solidify the hierarchy and integrity of Bad Karma, as we progress through this expansion.

Join us today and get a better gaming experience!