<Spectral> 10m LF Plate Tank

90 Human Priest
We are a medium size, lvl 25 guild with the intent of 10man progression-raiding. After trying to recruit on a nearly dead server, most of the people transferred over to Greymane and created what <Spectral> is today.

We are a guild of 18+ old individuals who enjoy all different aspects of World of Warcraft. While our focus, as a guild, is progression-raiding, off-time is spent running BGs, leveling alts, getting raids together for old-world content, grouping up for achievements, and other various WoW-related activities.

We like to have fun when raiding/grouping together, but maintain a level of seriousness associated with being a progression-raiding guild.

Current Goal(s)
We're currently interested in a tank with past raiding experience that is looking for a guild that they can call home. We have gotten to a slow start to raiding this expansion, but we're ready to take off.

Recruiting Needs
* Protection Warrior or
* Protection Paladin or
* Blood DK

Raiding Times
Tuesday: 6pm - 9pm CST (7pm - 10pm EST)
Thursday: 6pm - 9pm CST (7pm - 10pm EST)

Expectations Of Our Raiders
-Be over 18 years of age
-Have a high level of raid awareness
-Cleared content on LFR at least
-Have TeamSpeak and appropriate raid mods
-Make 90% of required raids as member
-Make 100% of required raids as a recruit
-Recruits are on a 2 week trial
-Be able to have fun while raiding
-Research boss fights prior to encounters
-Research your class, making sure it is up to date on top specs/gemming
-Come fully prepared to all raids
-Have a good connection; do not lag out/DC constantly

How Do I Apply?

Please contact an officer in game. Evìe (GM), Mìshka, Topherlot or Brawlie

Or Real ID me: Mish#1709
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90 Night Elf Monk
Raiding Times
Tuesday: 6pm - 9pm PST (7pm - 10pm EST)
Thursday: 6pm - 9pm PST (7pm - 10pm EST)

um :O

Wouldn't 6pm PST be 9pm EST?

Just trying to be helpful!
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90 Human Priest
hehe thanks, I switched it to CST, i just live in PST :)
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90 Night Elf Monk
Aha :D cheers!
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90 Human Priest
Come on tanks!
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