[Rallying Cry of the Roleplayer]

90 Goblin Hunter
Hail Silver Hand! Greetings from one of the most overpopulated servers in WoW history!
(This place is incredibly hostile and elitist, I advise staying away)

Anyway, I have not braved the ever unsuspecting roads of cross realm travel to give tidings of warning! But rather.. I'd express concern for this tiny server, and the RP potential I have seen since visiting this lovely community.

Alas, wherever I go I can find an RPer on Silver Hand who can relate some epic story of old, in Stormwind, abroad in the world, vibrant with RP Silver Hand used to be! Of course, as to be expected with new content expansions, RP has dwindled to very low and is difficult to find for the most passionate. The new grind for Gear at level 90 has taken an enitrely new persona in never ending streams of daily quests and a strange new looting system. Indeed, much time is needed to acquire this leet new gear! :D

Yet, are you still itching to spend more time Roleplaying now? Have you been considering updating you're MRP/FlagRSP/TotalRP addons, and giving that back of the head you always see a name and story? If you do, then lets make something of it! Or rather, lets see what we can do about it.

I'm considering starting a fresh Neutral/Good oriented guild to start small and perhaps take on more members as we feel our way into the barren RP scene. Rank/Promotion based, non Stormwind affiliated with uniformity and layed back RP rules.

With that said, I issue a question that hopefully can start a discussion. Would any serious roleplayer on this server like to take part in the creation of said guild, or join a fresh community of new role players to discuss some great ideas for new RP around the city in general? If there is one who will help me, let him speak! xD

My apologies for the subterfuge, I am an active 90 with a small RP identity on Silver Hand, who many might actually know. (Or know this Hunter.. if you do. HUSH D:)
Lets forge a new path, towards quality RP! Don't settle for spamfests like Moon Guard or Wyrmrest, Lets make something special RIGHT HURR.

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90 Human Death Knight
I would gladly help you in your cause. What can I do?
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90 Goblin Hunter
Hey Sieghird
Thanks for the bump, I'll get atcha' in game on my Silver Hand character.
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