Looking for late night players on the horde side. Warlords of Night is looking for poeple who play late at night and want to experience end game content and casual gaming also.

We are looking to start up 10 man raids around 12am servertime (invites out at 1145pm). We are looking to start really soon, we are going to raid Wednesday and Thursday to start and add another day when we get more fights under our belts and geared up. We do have guild repairs and vent.

We are looking for all classes and types of people. We are looking for motivated people who dont need help walking through every fight of progression. We are in need of healers and an off tank (shield or no shield is fine). We are looking for people who have specs to help out the raid and are willing to switch back and forth depending on the fight.

Warlords of Night are starting out gearing up in heriocs and some dungeon finder on the side. We have a lot of active people in our guild and look forward to hear from you.

If interested please contact me ingame or reply to this post and I will find you.