So, I'm representing Blizzard gamers in a contest being run by the Entertainment Consumer Association (ECA). I was recently picked as one of 5 finalists and would be extremely grateful for any support that my fellow WoW players would be willing to give me.

At this point, it's in the final stretch and wondered if anyone on my home realm would be interested in supporting me in this contest.

Basically, you can vote for my entry by going to the ECA's facebook page and liking the post with my entry.

ECA Facebook Page (with all 5 entries)

My Entry

My entry reads as follows:

It's time for you to choose who will be the Face of a Gamer! Please visit our FB page to view all contestants and "Like" the post you think should win.

Michael Kennedy

I defy negative gamer stereotypes. I stay fit in my free time, practicing taekwondo and jujitsu; I’m currently six months from my first-degree black belt. I have a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and will have my PhD in Mechanical Engineering in two years. My research* uses gaming to help address an important need in society and is being already being used in local hospitals and clinics to improve the balance rehabilitation for patients experiencing stroke and other forms of neurotrauma. I’ve been a gamer since I was in middle school, and find the most enjoyment in playing games with my friends. My favorite games would have to be those made by Blizzard Entertainment, along with the Halo and DragonAge franchises. Currently, my game of choice is World of Warcraft – Mists of Pandaria, which I play with my fiancée.
* (note the SC2 desktop)

I am a martial artist.
I am an engineer.
I am making a difference.
I am a gamer.