You wouldn't get this from any other guy

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The use or Mr Ts trade mark " Jibber Jabber " was the only readeeming line in the entire thread , i love it

I'd have figured the semi-subtle troll within a troll would have been the redeeming feature...

srsly ilu syn, 50% no !@#$. <3

Admittedly I think you should have titled this thread "Gotta make you understand" but still awesome.
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11/07/2012 09:38 AMPosted by Carthrolas
Better than who? I'm not compairing myself to Anyone,

First of all, Anyone is a good PvPer and if you were comparing yourself to him, you'd be a gnat! Gnat I say! ;)

Secondly, most of what you do and say implies that you think you're better than some of this server's top players. Which you aren't. That's why nobody(I'm exaggerating a little) likes you.
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Hai gais.
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Carth likes to say he doesn't say he's better than anybody else, which, fair enough, I cannot report him saying he is better than any single player. He does however hold his air of superiority over Promade because we, apparently, don't fight unless we have superior healing and/or numbers.

It's like when him, Lolacuteness, a random NE warrior, and a Holy Paladin couldn't kill Achmad, Boweman, and I for like half an hour, and we got them down several times. Our Promade "raid" was totally thwarted once we got over-run, and then Carth proceeded to complain once the tables were turned (we finally got backup in the form of Zutsoria, Loada, and Glau) and they were finally put to rest.

All the same, he's just a blow-hard with no skill playing a Faceroll class while trying to be a giant when he's nothing but an ant.
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