Wednesday, November 7th 2012 AD

Well, Roseanne Barr didn't get elected. Darn. we were all pulling for her.

RL: Went home, fell asleep. 2:30AM the kitties started mooing. As usual, they just wanted me to join them in looking at their full food dishes. So it goes.

IG: Fell asleep, so didn't play. Crossing my fingers for an AB or WSG weekend I need the rep!

So Sentinels, tell me what troubles you most deeply?

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85 Night Elf Rogue
Currently the thing that is the most troubling for me is that I have to pick a topic for a compare and contrast essay, create an outline for it, and write the introduction on top of having to study for a psychology quiz. Right now I'm finding it hard to focus what with my body trying to fight off cold that my brother brought into the house and my thoughts continually returning to a conversation I had with my mom earlier today about the elections.

In summary, I don't want to do work.
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85 Night Elf Rogue
Also, I have two King Sized Reese's Cups. One of them is for myself. You may all share the second one. A rock, paper, scissors competition shall decide who gets how much.
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Who brings a Flintlocke's Blasthammer to a rock, paper, scissors competition anyway?

Oh that's right.

Now hand over the Reese's and only a few people will get hurt.
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85 Night Elf Rogue
I am inclined to instead sit and watch how this plays out. If enough people get hurt it might inspire a few more people to become healers and help ease the lack of healers in the Dungeon Finder.

I sat in a queue for thirty minutes earlier today waiting for a healer. As a tank.
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I would love to be able to heal. Try as I might I just can't get the hang of PVE druid healing. I am actually leveling a second druid resto just to learn how to do it. Figure if I have to earn the double agent achievement I might as well get something out of it...

I just wish I didn't have eleven characters on this server already :/

What level was your tank? I still get instant queues at 90 but on all my lowbie alts I actually have a better queue time as DPS... (wtfbbq)
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100 Gnome Warlock
I haven't druid healed in about a year and a half, so it most likely is different now. But it's not too terribly bad. In fact I kind of liked it. I just don't play well with others, so I don't heal groups much these days :p
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100 Night Elf Mage
[RL] Voted yesterday and for school board I wrote in two of my cats names. For Soil and Water Conservation Officer (we have had the same guy for 10,000 years) I wrote in a third cat name. I need to get at least 4 others to vote for them so the names will be printed in the paper. Next time 2016!!!

[IG] I got nothing.

[RL] - follow up. Our email system is getting an upgrade at work and I noticed that we are going to get "Google Takeout". Now if it were what I hope it would be I could just order food and have it delivered right to my desk.............
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86 Night Elf Priest
I don't think you want to hear my troubles. I got into a snacking mood yesterday. Which isn't really the problem. The problem is that the closest thing to chocolate I had handy at work was chocolate chip fiber plus bars. A box of 5 of them. There's no box today. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Soooooo ... my latest plan to threaten my main character was electrocution in the bathroom. Realizing that I had no idea if people actually DID get electrocuted, or if it was all just useless warnings, I went researching.

Mythbusters did an episode and apparently it is possible. (I didn't look up the details of their test though.)

I found only TWO actual news reports of it happening in any way though. One was a cottage in Britain that had faulty wiring, failure to ground properly, and some other issues. The other was in some other country and was a teenager using her laptop in the tub, Twittering away, then when the battery got low she went to plug it in.

Based on everything else I found, it takes a convergence of several faults and is uncommon / unlikely. Most bathroom outlets and switches are under strict regulations (some even being placed outside the bathroom rather than within).

But then I found a published study. Apparently there were almost 250 deaths from electrocution between 2002 and 2006 in Tehran (Iran), of which about 10 were suicidal. O_o Sadly, the report focused on the accidents at work and work safety. I wanted to know more about what would go through someone's head to kill themselves via electrocution. O_O

And on that note, happy lunch-time Sentinels!
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Hmmm, I think I want Chinese food...
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100 Night Elf Mage
The cats in the kettle at the Silvermoon
Better come early they open at noon

Sung to a Harry Chapin song (the Cat's in the craddle........).
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Cat does sound good, sauteed with mushrooms, garlic, carrots and butter.
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100 Blood Elf Mage
-hides their Ninja kitty-

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11/07/2012 11:54 AMPosted by Eilethalua
uncommon / unlikely
but... but... what about every cheesy teen horror movie ever made huh? HUH?

Wes Craven: 1
Eilethalua: 0
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90 Undead Rogue
11/07/2012 10:22 AMPosted by Ikinai
I just don't play well with others, so I don't heal groups much these days :p

Mines been about a year. Also above is why i went arms an dropped Prot
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