DEHTA spokesperson ArchDruid Lathorius condemed the craze sweeping an Alliance Guild DeathForce for collecting drunken frogs. "These red and blue frogs are being mistreated" he declared. " Everyone knows Frogs cannot handle alcohol! It could lead to thier premature deaths as it dries out thier Skin which must be kept moist".

The Guild leader posted a statement saying "The frogs had been especially reared to consume strong drinks and thier croaks were pitiful if one drank in front of them and did not share."

King Varian when asked declared " I know this is a big issue out there and with the decline in Frog numbers World Wide causing grave concern to us in Stormwind. I condem this practice and praise the Horde for thier restraint in not joining in on this craze. Rumours that some of the Stormwind City Guard have been involved in this trade wil be investigated and dealth with severely."

When asked if the increased demand for Black War Bears Craze from the previous season combined with this newest Craze made the Alliance look bad in the ecological stakes compared to the Horde? He responded " I understand the leader of this Guild is a Druid are they not suppose to be tree huggers? This is a big issue out there, the Horde by thier restraint in these issues are making us look bad! I dread my weekly meeting with DEHTA, it is like a For The Horde in there!"

DEHTA declared " Buy your pet Frogs only from relaible vendors with an approved DEHTA Drunk Free Bumper Sticker on the Frogs !"

This has been a DEHTA approved message. " Protecting You and Your Environment since 2010".