[Recruitment] Realm of Insanity's 2nd Group

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Hiya, people. This is Annhilata, aka Jublin/Ember/Armaggedda... Well, you get the point. Anyway.... Within Realm of Insanity, a 2nd group is being formed for mains and mains only. None of that "I'll go on an alt" bull honky. And yes, I used the word honky.

We are seeking some positions to fill for the 2nd Main Raid Group and have a set of per-requisites.

Pre-Requisites for Raiding

1) Minimal Item Level is 460 (LFR Ready for MV!)
2) You cannot cheat this by buying PvP pieces at all if they are below 483 item level. Even then, only one or two pieces may be 483 PvP item level.
3) It is preferential that you have some raid experience or are willing to look up the fights, but not required, though only linking the achievements from LFR MV or HoF or even DS isn't enough evidence that you know what to do.
4) No alts. These have to be considered your main. It is far too early in the expansion to consider alts, unless you absolutely need their buffs, DPS or someone to take otherwise useless drops.
5) Must be willing to accept Constructive Criticism and look up MMO-Champion and EJ guides.
6) Must know that valor gear isn't useless - it WILL help our progression, thus please be willing to do dailies, aka The Grind.
7) It is preferential to NOT class stack. If we can't avoid it, however, we will make due.

What Classes We Need

This is an either/or list. We do not need both if they have the same gear, same stats. It is not set in stone either. It will be updated once we know what we're missing other than a 2nd tank.

Guardian Druid (Preferential)
Brewmaster Monk (Preferential)

The rest of the list is TBD since as far as I know, we're in desperate need of a 2nd tank.

What Classes We Have

This is still being updated for "Confirmed classes". It is not final so far.

Hunter (2 BM)
Priest (1 Shadow)
Paladin (1 Prot, 1 Holy)
Death Knight (1 Frost)
Shaman (1 Resto)

Available slot(s): 1 (Tanking)

How to Apply

If Alliance side already, whisper myself, Jezzahbell or Zannada for a possible DPS/Tank/Healing Test. If your reviews are decent enough, you may be considered for the group! And get in game turnips. LOTS OF TURNIPS!

In the extremely unlikely event a Horde would become Alliance and be interested, reread the first part of this section!
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Keep in mind our main need right now is a 2nd tank. While certain classes in above post would be nice, any tank looking for a raiding home please feel free to apply
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