Greetings Ysera Alliance! I am the GM of the Dreamers Wards a family based mature guild looking to complete our raid core group. Everyone in our guild is a family person above eighteen years old and we are looking to find a priest or shaman healer to complete our raid team. We have done the shouts in trade and have had no luck in finding a healer so I am turning to these forums hoping to have more luck here. We have been successful since wrath in raids even completing a legendary staff during Cata. With half of our original team still together we are trying to rebuild for MoP. Please come join our fun team! We currently raid Mon and Thurs 8-11pm. We are casual but if you commit to the group you will be expected to be dedicated. Always remember there are nine other people relying on you to show up. PST Smilykwazy in game or send me a message. You can also reach out to Nomolos or Jalon if you see him online. Please give us a shot. I look forward to speaking to you! :D