Progression Raid Group LF 1 Heals 1 Tank 3DPS

90 Blood Elf Paladin
Raids are on Tues/Th 7:30pm server time.
To be eligible to raid you must:
1.) Maintain a good attendance record (exceptions allowed)
2.) Have a FULL PvE set. PvP gear has no place in a raiding environment and must be replaced before a raid spot is guaranteed to you. (certain scenarios/exceptions may apply.)
3.) All gear must be fully enchanted, gemmed, and reforged (if needed) before raid time.
4.) Have Vent
5.) Understand that we go by the rule: "The best raider will raid" if your performance is holding us back you will be replaced. (ie: consistently causing wipes, low dps/heals, and not knowing fights)
6.) Know the fights before entering the instance. (it is the raiders responsibility to know what he/she needs to do to stay alive well completing their role. watch the fights on youtube and read up on mechanics, so we are not wasting raid time explaining the fights to everyone. However reasonable questions are always welcome we want to learn and succeed.)
7.) Know your toon. (there is truck loads of literature out there about each toon and how to maximize its potential. do your homework.)

What The Comp Looks Like: 2 Tanks, 2 Healers, 2 Melee Dps, 4 Ranged Dps (1 w/ Heal OS)

Tank 1: Open (Death Knight) (Currently filled by Brogarn's Alt paladin.)
Tank 2: Open (Warrior/Monk/Druid)
Healer 1: Spolticus (Paladin)
Healer 2: Epiphanies (Druid) (Open or Druid/Shammy/Monk - Epiphanies had an alt DK Tank)
Dps 1: Extinktion (Rogue)
Dps 2: Logcabin (Spriest)
Dps 3: Brogarn (Hunter) (Currently Open until a DK tank is found.)
Dps 4: Open (DK/Warrior/Paladin)
Dps 5: Open (Warlock)
Dps 6: Open (Shaman w/ Heal OS)

So Tier Gear will look like this with only one tier having 4 people rolling.
Conqueror Tier: (Paladin/Warlock/Priest)
Paladin Tank or DPS (possible)

Protector Tier: (Warrior/Hunter/Shaman/Monk)
Warrior Tank (Possible)
Warrior DPS (possible)

Vanquisher Tier: (Rogue/Death Knight/Mage/Druid)
DK Tank
DK Dps (possible)

You may post here or contact an officer in game:

<Lockout Staff>
GM: Spolticus / Cherried ------------------- Conrad
PvE Officer 1: Logcabin / Happyclap ------- Chris
PvE Officer 2: Molsen / Brogarn ----------- Dylan
PvE Officer 3: Rawrmode / Epiphanies ---- Bobby
Edited by Spolticus on 11/12/2012 5:20 PM PST
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90 Tauren Druid
Hey there Spolticus. I am very interested in the healing position open for your raid team. The times are exactly what I am looking for as I am currently searching for a raid team and I have a lot of raiding experience leading all the way back to vanilla.

Let me know here or mail me in game if you are interested. If not I will contact you next time I am online (later this week).

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90 Blood Elf Paladin
i gotchya added ill talk to you in game
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My mage friend (toon's name is Nettinn) and I are looking for a fairly serious group to run with. Your guy's raid times would work well for us, however there are two issues:

- The mage is using a PvP cloak. It's only one piece and he uses it purely because there isn't a better PvE option available (yet).

- I'm an enhance shaman. I have restoration and elemental sets, but I'm not looking to raid as a healer. At this point I'm coming only as a melee DPS.

If these aren't deal breakers, we'd be interested in finding out more. Feel free to reply on here or go in-game and chat with us there. I'm with family for Thanksgiving so I might be offline most of the day until Friday or Saturday. Normally I'm online daily regularly.

Hope to hear from ya
- Kin
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
ill be with my family also i should be on this weekend send me some in game mail if im not online, look forward to talking to you.
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90 Blood Elf Mage
I should be on tonight, if not tomorrow for sure. The pvp cape I'm using is a 483 off sha. It's the best I found so far. No other pvp gear what so ever though.

Hit me up in game to talk some more
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we also have matching hats. I would assume that's a standard must for any serious raiding guild.
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90 Goblin Warlock
I am looking for a raid guild currently as well. Raid times are good enough to where I should be able to make it on after I get off of work. I see that you guys are in search of a warlock so I figured I would inquire about the spot you all have open. I am a good player with much expierience pre cata including server firsts. Went more casual for cata. Let me know if you all are interested.
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