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12 Night Elf Druid

My girlfriend and I are looking to move our mains from Mal'Ganis to a less populated server. We would first like to find a guild and get a feel for our potential new home.

A little bit about us:

We have raided together since Wrath and we make a pretty good team. We took a break from raiding hardcore in Cataclysm (did some casual raiding) but now we'd like to jump back in. I have tanked since Vanilla and she has healed/started playing since Wrath. I consider myself a solid tank and she usually heals between 45-55k depending on the pull. We learn encounters fast and more importantly we learn from mistakes quickly. We are both in our 20s with jobs and college and we have very little patience for immature kids and trolls so we would prefer to raid with like-minded people.

We are ultimately looking for a 10-man group. We had a great guild back in Wrath that we loved...very close-knit and always had a good time during raids. That's what we're looking for now. I find that I feel better at the end of the night after having a good time laughing with our raid rather than screaming at each other to get two bosses down.

That doesn't mean that we aren't serious raiders. If we are going to commit to a raid group, you can expect us to show up on time and be ready- we'd like the same from the rest of the raid. No waiting 30 minutes for someone to put her kids to bed, get home from work, finish eating dinner, etc. If we're going to make the effort to show up on time we would like everyone else to do the same. I guess to put a term on it, we're looking for semi-hardcore. I'm a nice guy but I don't have much patience for people who keep wasting my time.

I'm posting on an alt just so I can contact who I want to contact.

Our current guild promised us great things if we promised to raid with them but it's now mid-November and we have not yet started raiding. We geared ourselves to ilvl 467 to prepare but nobody else did and Mal'Ganis has been getting on our nerves for a while so we just decided to move.

It has been difficult finding the perfect guild.

We are only available for late night- raid times starting no sooner than 9:30 CST and ending no later than 1:30 CST. FYI- new semester is coming up and our availability might shift depending on which classes we sign up for.

Also, I love PVP so if the guild has active RBGs or something, that would be great. My girl is a little angry Asian girl...she is a very sore loser in PVP so she will not be participating.

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to be as clear as possible to potential GMs.

To sum up:

- 467 Protection Paladin & 467 Holy Paladin
- 10m Late night (9:30 CST start-1:30 CST end) raid times
- Tight-knit atmosphere
- Semi-Hardcore/casual
- Interested in progression but also having fun
- No drama

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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Feel free to come over to and talk with me or even get some vent info if you'd like.

We have a recruitment thread here as well. The only thing you mentioned that differs from us is your schedules. We currently run from 7:30- 10:00+ (cst). Sometimes on a Sunday or Monday for people wanting to continue they might run somewhat late night and pug people in to fill holes.

Our focus is casual/progressive 10m content and we're pretty tight-knit. We're not a huge guild, we have about 125 members with around 15 active at this time. If you think your schedule might be able to work with ours in the future feel free to give us a look.

I'll end in saying, we do have 2 active paladins that raid. Myself (tank) and a Holy Paly. My Holy paly is working on a druid as well since we'd like to have one (his druid is almost 90). I am sure we could make things work.
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100 Human Paladin
Hey there, you guys sound perfect for my guild <Hells Heroes> We are an alliance guild, been around for 4+ years now. We are a large, active guild of age 18+ only. We do not tolerate trolls, immature kids, etc..
Our raid times are Wed-Fri 9pm-1am realm for our group1, and 2. I realize this is a half hour earlier start time than you said you were available, but if you could make it work in the near future, I think we would be a great match for all the hopes you had for a guild.
Also, myself, and many of our other active members love to PvP, we were doing RBG's nearly every night for a while at the end of Cata, and we did quite well at it, we will be starting that again soon. For now we are always doing guild bg's, and do alot of arena.

Now for our G1 raid group. We lost a lot of members when MoP landed, and it hit us pretty hard, which is why our progression isn't fantastic at the moment, but we are nearly rebuilt, and just missing a Holy pally, and a Ranged dps at the moment. However, to get a great pair like yourselves, I would definitely be wiling to work with one of my other tanks, and see if I can fit one of them into a Ranged dps roll to allow room for both of you to come in as is, one of our tanks is a druid, I could see if he would be interested in switching to Balance. However; even if we couldn't make that work right at first, our G2 could certainly use both of you.
So anyways, let me know what you think, we have a recruitment post here on the forums, or on our website at
As I said before, I think our guild is a perfect match for all the things you were requesting, we have no drama, require age 18+ to even be in the guild, are semi-hardcore (we push hard for progression, and require that all members of the group put in the effort, show up on time, and know there class/spec, etc.. But also have alot of fun, and don't freak out on people for mistakes)
So hit me up on our website, ingame on this toon, or here on the forums. I hope to hear from you!
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