15 Worgen Mage
Horde what's up with your buddies ganking all the low level areas like this warrior named nothroat?
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100 Human Warlock
They are...

A: Hoping you have a higher level toon that wants to come out and play..
B: yearning for the days when horde ruled this server...
C LOLing while typing one handed cause they love making you mad THAT much...
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90 Troll Druid
Been out to the dark portal lately? Bunch of off server alliance destroying anything and everything horde that goes through there.
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40 Orc Warrior
I was around that way last night, skeletons everywhere but horde was killing everything in sight not alliance. As for ganking, it's just hordes way of saying hello, I wouldn't hesitate to gank a lowbie but then corpse camping is taking it a step 2 far.
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86 Human Warlock
ZOMG, PvPs on a PvP server?! Who'd a thunk it?!

For all you carebears who complain about corpse camping lowbies, there is an alternative... Reroll PvE.

Only the Strong Survive.
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57 Undead Death Knight
Replying about this alliance calling me out about ganking him. Tell the fact coward. You were a lvl 88 and this is called a PVP realm. Change realms. You alliance can kill my horde low levels but we can't touch an 85-90 in MOP PLZ
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57 Undead Death Knight
Come look me up if u want to have some. NOTHROAT
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