It’s my guild….they have me locked in a room! I have been stressed out lately, especially with recruiting. So when they promised me a luxurious vacation, I didn't hesitate. They said my family and house would be well taken care of while I was gone. The last thing I recall was being picked up by a limo and then I woke up here.

Looking around, it is a very nice room, more like a suite. There is a huge soft bed and a large sunken tub in the bathroom. I have a very scenic view. I think they have a chef, the food is wonderful! I even have a treadmill, a very nice laptop, lots of books to read, and a personal masseuse. I also get to play WOW whenever I want! Most housewives would consider this a dream, and it would be except for what they like to call “my motivation” to bring in more raiders. I call it torture!!!

There is a huge TV and all it is playing is Pee Wee’s Playhouse! It is too high for me to reach and they have the remote….there is no way to turn it off!!!! They said they will turn it off once I recruit more people into our ranks. Please, I can’t stand it anymore….that show is awful!! So here is the deal, our 25 man team needs a tank or 2, a couple of healers, and a few DPS (ranged preferred, but melee will do) to raid with us 3 nights a week. You must have patience and be willing to help others out so we can all progress. A good sense of humor helps as well. We are not hardcore raiders, but we take our progression seriously (obviously since they have me locked up to recruit)!

Honestly, my guildmates are very fun, friendly people for the most part and I am being well taken care of….it is just that damn tv!!

If you are interested in joining our ranks, check out our website, for more information. You can also look me up in game if you have any questions.

Please hurry….they are talking about streaming in New Kids on the Block videos next!!!!!!!
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100 Undead Mage
11/13/2012 04:01 PMPosted by Rosalyn
There is a huge TV and all it is playing is Pee Wee’s Playhouse!

I don't understand why you are complaining.
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11/13/2012 11:47 PMPosted by Nadroir
There is a huge TV and all it is playing is Pee Wee’s Playhouse!

I don't understand why you are complaining.

Maybe because that show is ANNOYING!!! I so hated that show as a is even worse now!

However, after hours of seeing and hearing the vocal stylings of Danny, Donny, Joe, Jon, and Jordan, I am beginning to miss Pee Wee! I am starting to worry about what they are going to play next....
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Well, I made my first escape attempt over the weekend. They have been feeding me very well and regularly ask me what I would like to eat. I decided to use my food allergies to my advantage here. I told my captors that I would really love some lobster and clam chowder....I am quite allergic to seafood and shellfish. I hoped that they would have to take me to get medical attention. Unfortunately, they just called in the guild doctor and she took care of everything. They also now are a bit less trusting of me.

Oh, and now I am stuck watching Alf!!! DAMMIT!!!!!!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Quiet! or I'll switch it to Barney and Friends!

I love you
You love me
We're a happy family.......
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100 Undead Mage
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you
Won't you say you love me too?
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