I’m seeking a new home for my resto shaman. Any night after 8pm PST will do EXCEPT Tuesday and Wednesday. Would prefer to stay Alliance but if a Horde guild seems a right fit, it’s not out of the question. Not interested in a hard-core environment but one with steady progression in mind. Dependable, friendly, mature raiders are a must.

About me: I’ve been playing this game since launch and have many characters (sadly most will be left at 85 until they change the leveling/rep grind). I’ve raided in a hardcore guild back during the 40-man days (not for me anymore) and raided extensively during BC. Raided during all the expansions (off and on) up to completing 8/8 H DS.

Currently, I’m only ilvl 466 but that should improve soon with any luck from the RNG Gods. I’m working on rep, which I’m not happy about since my main is exalted with all MoP factions. I would prefer a guild that is NOT currently on heroics, so I can grow with them. But I don’t want a guild with no direction or lack of leadership either.

Please leave your battletag if you’re interested in chatting. Thank you.