Pandaren and horde

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Hey, though I don't really participate in RP with other's, I still like to think up of a theme and a story for my characters.

I started playing a pandaren monk and joined the horde, I thought the horde may be a strange choice for a pandaren but I really didn't like the alliance recruiter on the Wandering Isle.

But just now getting to Pandaria on my monk, I am left with the feeling, why would a pandaren stick with the horde, which seems to only care about war and conquest?

I know the alliance apparently do some questionable things, but with the previews of the Dominance Offensive and Shieldwall, the Horde seem to come off as complete war mongers. Whereas the alliance seem to care a bit more about the continent of Pandaria.

So any reason for me to stick with Horde? Before I spend 30 bucks to fraction change. I think of my character as a typical monk...all zen like and prefers peace.

Any input is appreciated.

(Anyone else think $30 is an insane price by the way?)
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You see the mess the Horde has become and you've dedicated yourself to trying to restore balance to it's chaotic ways.
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Maybe he just connected with the Horde more; understood their point of view better. If they could, they would live peacefully in their territories, but the Alliance keep coming in, killing their people, burning their villages, taking certain tauren who have strong manes captive... maybe your monk understands their side better. Or maybe he just doesn't like the Alliance he met. IDK man.


^ that works too.
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Also, I was inspired by the NPC that also choose to go with the Horde Faction. I liked him a little more than the female NPC, and made the conscious choice to go Horde. I see much potential for the Horde, and I will observe and aid it in any way possible to bring it around to another way of thinking. Tho this may be slow and ponderous, I have the patience.
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I think the first response best fits the idea behind all this. You understand Ji Firepaw and his motives and disagree with Aysa regarding some issues, and then you also believe in what the Horde is supposed to be believe in as well. Upon arrival to Orgrimmar even Ji is surprised at Garrosh's use of leadership. If you believe more in the Horde's ideals then you should see yourself more as reforming the Horde. I mean after all, Garrosh is going to get dethroned at the end of the expansion. You can see yourself as one of the people who helped to make that change possible.
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It's a little sad that people think pandaren aren't a good fit with the Horde nowadays. I was always under the impression that pandaren had a closer link with the Horde pre-MoP. What with the pandaren quest they had in vanilla and Samwise having a preference to the Horde as well.

It's just that the Horde has changed a lot since Garrosh took over and I guess from that angle it feels like they no longer fit, the same way tauren no feel pretty awkward within the faction too.
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