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Blizz I would ask that you shift the paradigm of wait and see for a much swifter reaction to class changes. There are plenty of issues that classes are dying for to feel taken care of. Here are some that come to mind that most players will completely agree on.

Mages: Give them a lvl. 90 talent that isn't horrible and taxing to use.
Warriors: Some issues have been adressed (gag order), but CD stacking is still absurd
Rets: Sustained damage outside of CDs, tone down ret off heal potential
Rogues: Something useful outside of cooldowns
Hunters: Make MM viable on any level
Locks: Smooth out damage (nobody appreciates multiple 200k chaos bolts or chaos waves in mere seconds)
WW Monks (yes me): Any sort of cleave, cc protection, some burst potential
Disc Priests: Effective PVP cds
Dks: (some might disagree but they are one of the better balanced classes to me) but need small pvp tweaks to be on par
Shaman: Ease up resto bomb heals in pvp, give dps specs sustained damage and defensives
Druids: Being a hybrid is ok, doing sick dps as resto is not

I know these are opinions, but the idea is we need changes quickly rather than months down the road when people just reroll FoTM specs and punish those who want to stay with their spec. Hopefully that will be the idea moving forward.
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most players will agree on

most is quite a vague word, especially since you base it on your own opinion.

also, it seems your suggestions are more pvp oriented. i'd guess the majority of wow players prioritize pve; meaning that the ramifications of such changes would have to be studied.

however, i do agree that changes should be more bold on ptr's. that is what they are for. blizzard has already set a precedent for this design style in SC2 with "balance maps" which are short term tests that players can try out through the custom map functionality.

a problem i see with swift ptr changes is that datamining and public knowledge has become so widespread that people often misinterpret potential changes as future facts and begin to panic.
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