Okay, I figured I would post it here and see what happens.

I'm looking for a new guild to run with. Not in the sense that I want out of Oppression. I like my friends there. I'm looking for another guild to run progression with to help keep me from falling behind in progression as I'm only an alternate with them. My dilemna is that I am only available on one of the two days that they raid due to my days off from work being unchangeable. This means I have only half the opportunities to be brought in as a sub. I would like to be more of a part than this, or at least get more non-lfr experience with the raids that are out and hope to become better geared and experienced for it. I've experience with raiding from Wrath through now. The only exception being in cata I was on a server with not many raiding guilds that had room or wanted a rogue. I get wednesdays and thursdays off. On the days that I do work, I am at work during normal raid times. Hoping to find something that will fit my schedule. Obviously, the guys and gals from Oppression will have first priority. I just need a fallback plan in order to keep up with current content.
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