Borean Tundra Guild Recruitment list

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Please provide in this format:
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Guild Master:
Raid Times:

Now something new, I will link to your post so you can go into more detail on what you are looking for, so you can keep it updated without having to bump threads.

Yes I know the list needs to be filtered for guilds no longer around. I will get to that.

So update me on any changes needed.
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100 Pandaren Priest

<Actus Dei>
Guild Master: Vai
Officers: Kelandra, Ferretus
Focus: social with raiding
Raid Times: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 2pm server

<Against All Odds>
Guild Master: Mandarb
Officers: Bost, Castrafate, Alicante and Chaelletta

Guild Master: Groundie
Officers: Wildriver, Marshan, Trahmp, Danahir.
Focus: 10 Man Raid A and B teams, focusing on a future 25 man
Raid Times: Varies per team but always from 7pm server till Approx. 10:30 server

<Dragon Crusaders>
Guild leader: Baldydaman
Officers: Miurablade, Khaelwen, Dragnipur, Orian, Servasus
Description: Casual Raiding guild.

<Dynamic Violence>
Guild Master: Skafloc
Officers: Cuculain, Mytholdia, Healyou, Tisane, Kajiri, Lilsanta
Focus: Having fun with a core group focused on progression
Raid Times: Core Group: Thurs 8:00 pm server to 11:00 pm server generally
Sun 7:00 pm server to 11:00 pm server
Second Group: Wednesdays 8:30 pm server till quitting

<EPIC again>
Co-GM's: JBob Raynna
Focus: Social, Casual Raiding

Guild Master: Vedovanera
Officers: Aemilianus, Shamlol, Romrin
Focus: Raiding, Progression
Raid Times: Core: Sat-sun at 1:30, A team: Mondays at 2, B team: Wed Night at 9, Thurs Night at 8

<Good Times>
Guild Master: Myself
Officers: Nadalynn, Ballestar, Fissick and our alts
Focus: PvP
Raid Times: None

<Holy Knights>
GM: Ronica
Focus: Social/Raiding/leveling All aspects of the game.

<In Theory>
Web Site:
Guild Master: Drakfirealph
Officers: Schisto, Wyndiaine, Ontalot, Saintsinnerr, Ceresden
Focus: Casual Social/Leveling No Drama Easy Going
Raid Times: Currently none- Subject to change

Website: Under Construction
Guild Master: Pakwan
Officers: Dusticus, Moonberree
Focus: Casual End Game Progression, PVP, Social
Raid Times: Weekend Raiding

<Mystic Minstrels>
Website: n/a
Guild Master: Wartanker
Officers: Aynarose, Bluemayne, Jannalea
Focus: Leveling/Social/Dungeon runs/PVP .. eventually arenas and raids
Raid Times: n/a

Guild Master: Wulfur
Officers: Kilmer Kobyiashi Taatha Elvirine Fenixember Underlined
Focus: Raiding
Raid Days: Mon Wed Fri 9pm-12am CST Sunday 8:30pm - 11pm as needed.

Guild Master: Velous, Fleefel and Lyz
Officers: Fäyul, Sóul, Metris, Johunn
Focus: Casual raiding group. Putting together an RBG group.
Raid Times: Tues-Weds 8/9pm server - 11/12pm server.

Focus: progression.
Raid Times: Monday thru Thursday 9:30-12 server time.
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100 Pandaren Priest
---Alliance Continued---

<The Lost Girls>
Guild Master: Dawntdk
Officers: Naryetarus, Cochise, Holytot, Drgnmistress
Focus: All aspects of the game
Raid Times 730pm-12:30am server time

<The Alliance Legion>
GM Andelydah and Kenzar
Asst GM Wensday and Smoothtalker
We try to raid at least one night a week we are a lvl 25 guild with 200+ toons.
We are a casual guild of all ages and classes and anybody that wants to join us are welcomed.
We have a FB group but no website

<The Righteous Legion>
Guild Master: Brutalsavage
Officers: Aceswilder, Rhogar
Focus: Social Guild with 2 weekly raids and ICC 10
Raid Times: 9pm est. start time

<True Story>
GM: Aadria
Officers: Dirtymerns, Aghra, Angelwingz
Focus: Social with raid hopes
Raid Times: Will be updated as more information is available.

Guild Master: Sanna
Officers: Urikslargda, Baince, Fleurs, Tormath
Focus: Raid progression
Raid Times: 9:30pm Tue/Thurs and Mon/Wed
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100 Pandaren Priest
---Alliance Continued---

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100 Pandaren Priest

<Among the Shadows>
Guild Master:Lunasee
Officers:Kane, Ginger, Meckinsin, Vrik, Tachibanah
Focus:10 man raiding, social
Raid Times: Tues/Wed 7:30P-9:30P Server

Guild Master: Blackheart
Officers: Kartel Jinwaz
Focus: 10 man prog
Raid Times: Wed, Fri, and Sunday 7-11<Bellum Infinita> [Formally Super Villain]
Guild Master: Karandra
Officers: Iqbalduex, Beggar, Ghostsabre, Shaserra (Or Ellae)
Focus: PvP
Raid Times: We PvP, not raid.

Guild Master: Buggman
Officers: Few Officers
Focus: 10 & 25 man progression
Raid Times: 6PM Server to 12PM Server

Leadership: Teknyne, Fulcrum, Mak, Abyyss and Jelloey
Focus: 25man Progression Raiding
Raid Times: Monday through Thursdays from 7:30pm to 10:30pm Server

<Communist Slumber Party>
Web Site:
Guild Master: Sarannah
Officers: Dare, Melody, Hilight, Aerchon
Focus: Casual PvE/PvP
Raid Times: Fri/Sat 8-11pm CST (server time)

Guild Master: Pooky
Officers: Tonya, Yaeger, Newlegend, Jimdog, Salal, Verda, Narlar
Focus: Social with Casual 10 man raiding. All levels and classes are welcome. See website for current raid needs.
Raid Times: Mon & Wed 7pm-9:30pm server.

<Dragonbane Legion>
Guild Master: Milkjug
Officers: Priestkhanak, Traylas, Ozzgodd
Focus: Casual Raiding, Rated Bgs
Raid Times: Tues and Thurs 8pm-11pm

Guild Master: Alexah
Web Site:
Officers: Mesoholy, Shugarr, Darthbuly.
Focus: Mainly 25 man progression come cata.
Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:00-11:00 p.m server
Recruiting done over vent, in a private channel. If interested send a whisper/ingame mail to any of our officers.

Guild Master: Unwrekabull
Officers: Barewrist, Scyll, Lios, Uali, Zombiebryan, Harbringar
Focus: 10 and 25-man raiding guild with a casual raid schedule
Raid Times: 10 mans Tues-Thursday 8pm, 25man Sat-Sun 8pm Server

<Fates Call>
Guild master: Shantia
Focus: Casual/Mature
Currently progression raiding on Saturday nights 7 server till
More here

<Golden Dragons>
Guild Master: Gatlinz
Officers: Huntermoon, Nyzzbyk, Banaconda, Eikniwt, Krysann, and Zodi
Focus: Casual, Social, Family Guild
Raid Times: N/A at this time

<Good Intentions>
Officers: Eternalzig (GM), Catain, (2nd in command), Eatmorchkn
Focus: Social, casual raiding/leveling guild

<Harleys Angels>
Website: (updated)
Guild Master: Electraglide
Officers: Xajn, deathstroll, camio
Focus: Casual Raiding
Raid Times: Flexible

Website: N/A
Guild Master: Greif
Officers: N/A
Focus: XP capped 29 bgs
Raid Days: Currently Tue/Thurs/Sun 9pm cst - ?
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100 Pandaren Priest
Horde guilds Continued.

Guild Master: Rðrik
Officers: Treebagged (Toadwart), Stàr, Sáya, Raivis, Urazzismine
Focus: 25M Progression in Cataclysm. Will be taking groups of 10's in until 25 raiders are ready for the content.
Raid Times: Raid times from WotLK were T/W/Th 7-11. Times may change based on content availability/progression once the new raids are available.

Website: (our TOR guild name)
Guild Master: Erayne, Conanastasia
Officers: Fizax, Norrtorp, Greysin, Untippable, Phieren
Focus: Social/Casual Raiding
Raid Times: Thirsty Thursdays 9pm EST, random other times

<League of Assassins>
Website: Currently none
Guild Master: Vorsino
Officers: Ignath
Focus: Social with casual events (PVE, PVP and achieves)
Raid Times: Varies
<Lux Aeterna>
Leaders: Celindas, Elamaura, Soluna, Wickfist, Vekerk, Villian
Focus: 10 main raiding
Raid times: Tues/Wed 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM Thurs/Fri: same time schedule for 2nd 10 man team

<Masochist's Joy>
Guild Master: Léx
Officers: Antinature, Starsoulfox, Zoë
Focus: Social with more to come as it grows
Raid Times: who knows at this point ,, in the recruiting phase

Website: n/a
Guild Master: Acting GM~ Dominayun
Officers: Blloodsweet; Necrobios
Focus: Casual/Mature. We are currently building a core group to begin raiding
Raid Times: none at this time

<Risen from the Ashes>
Guild Master: Outläwkîñg
Officers: Demonîc , Cernunos , Shadowiso , Blackwell
Focus: Progression.
Raid Times: 730pm - 1130pm server.

<Warlords of the Abyss>
Websight: None
Guild Master: Mystichealz
Officers: Zuluhead, Fritolays, Scourgelord
Focus: Casual, Raiders.
Raid Time: Any day of the week. Times flexable, usualy 7st to 11st.
Contact Mystichealz or any officer for an invite. Currently in need of another raiding healer. Nothing is in stone. All classes and specs are welcome! We are very relaxed, willing to learn and teach.

<Sons of Sylvanas>
guild master: Zedekiah (currently)
officers: TBD
focus: To provide a fair and just environment where all contributors have access to what they need.
raid times: TBD

< We Know Girls>
Guild Master: Riso
Officers: Semibeast, Zannarah
Focus: Moderate raiding guild
Raid Times: Wed, Thurs and Sun 8:30 Pm to 11:00 PM Server Time
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100 Pandaren Priest
Horde guilds Continued.

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100 Pandaren Priest
<Fates Call>
Guild master: Shantia
Focus: Casual/Mature

Fates Call was created on January 16, 2009. We are one of the last original (server day one) guilds active on Borean Tundra.

The idea behind FC was one to create a place for "mature" World of Warcraft players. No, not just for old people, but a place for players who have kids and/or are married. Or people who are serious about school but still want to have people to enjoy the game with. In short, we created a guild for members who have real lives. We are a close knit group that enjoys all aspects of the game together with the understanding that families/real life comes first. These were the basic principles behind FC in the beginning and they continue to be today.

We are a little bit of everything. So whether you enjoy PVE, PVP, or just want some fun people to hang out with we may be for you.

We are currently recruiting all ages and levels of experience for PvE,PvP, and need those interested in becoming pet battle masters. We have a great knowledgeable group that are willing to help out when we can, many with experience back to the beginning of WoW. While the majority of the members are adults, we do accept those under the age of 18. We have recently added many returning players of all level ranges and many new players.

We have, and continue to accept, players of all experience levels. Everyone deserves to have a guild to call home, regardless of level or experience, or years played.

If you are looking for a "Hardcore Raiding" guild we are not for you. . You will never be required to raid with us. ***Our raiding style has been very successful for us but as always anyone is welcome to apply soley to enjoy our atmosphere. If you do join to raid, keep in mind that our raiding style is not that of a "raiding" guild. Raiding is not a job and while we do expect you to be on time and be prepared, we also strive to keep it fun.

If you are interested in joining this great group of people stop by and fill out an app or whisper an officer or Veteran in game.

If you have any questions contact an officer in game or though the guild website.

Thank you, Have a great day!
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100 Human Paladin
Guild Name: Against All Odds
Guild Master: Mandarb
Officers: Bost, Brewcell/Ohioisonfire, Leonelf, Alicante
Focus: Raiding
Raid Times: Saturday, Sunday 8:00 server

We're currently recruiting ranged DPS for our weekend group, look for Brewcell online (ask any member if he's on an alt). We run another progression oriented group that could use backups (may not see a ton of raid time).
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<Communist Slumber Party>
Web Site:
Guild Master: Sarannah
Officers: Dare, Melody, Pistejr, Aerchon
Focus: Casual PvE/PvP
Raid Times: Currently none
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Guild Name:Among the Shadows
Guild Master:Lunasee
Officers:Kane, Ginger, Meckinsin, Vrik, Tachibanah
Focus:10 man raiding, social
Raid Times: Tues/Wed 7:30P-9:30P Server
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100 Pandaren Priest
Updated Alliance guilds.
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added our raid times

<Communist Slumber Party>
Web Site:
Guild Master: Sarannah
Officers: Dare, Melody, Hilight, Aerchon
Focus: Casual PvE/PvP
Raid Times: Fri/Sat 8-11pm CST (server time)
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