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Our guild Drama On Cooldown has been a big family since the end of Wrath but unfortunately as decreased to a handful of active members. We are a group of mature casual raiders and we don't quite have the numbers to raid anymore. The guild chat is empty since only a few people are on at a given time. So it is time for a change.

We are looking for a new home, expect around 10-17 members-ish to come travel to the new home. Again, we are mature and talk that way. Range from lawyer to military, we would love to come and be apart of a new group of people and meet some new faces and start raiding again. We ask to let us just take our core raiders from our old team and keep together in the new home. Mostly because we have been together for 2-3 years and have always raided together. I am an officer in this guild and I am kind of heading up the search for a suitable home. If you feel that your guild is a good fit, please send me a mail or whisper in-game and lets chat and lets test the waters persay. My points of contact are Cruell, Andrw, or Nutrabolics. All of these are my toons that I frequently play. Thanks for your time!
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90 Dwarf Paladin
My old friends, if you are looking for a new home then you are more than welcome over to TW. We are an older group, much like the our old DeathStalkers guild used to be. I'm sure we would provide a friendly atmosphere for you and your current guildies (which are some of your old guildies from DeathStalkers).

We too have changed a little bit, with our group of core raiders having suffered a bit of reduction. We are about 7 dependable core raiders now, filling in with other members of the guild as they are available as well. Since the end of Dragon Soul (where we had moved onto heroic raiding) people have moved on to other games or just became stretched thin as RL priorities changed.

I will say this about our raid leader Raakos. He is one of best leaders I've had the pleasure to run with in my 6 years playing this game. He is fair and intelligent, and is extremely knowledgeable about fights, and pretty knowledgeable about the other classes and the game in general.

But ladies and gents when it's all said and done I hope you guys find a new home. You guys were an awesome group, and I have often found myself missing the good-o-days playing with all of you when we would harass Manowsong ;-). Good luck players, and let me know where you move (if it isn't TW) so we can keep in touch.

Good luck Players!


Oh, and I forgot to mention, you're welcome to join my regular SC2 group every Thursday if anybody over there still plays!


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Well Drewbie I would love to run some raids with you again! Tribal Wolves is a very active guild, with lots of really cool people to hang with. I'm not active with the raid scene currently, but plan on moving that way very soon. Gotta finish leveling this PandaMonk first.

Use your hearthstone and come back home!

Barry aka Blissfulness
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Hey Cruell,

I am GM of Malicious Intent and we are currently trying to complete our raid team. RL stuff happens to us all and we seem to be looking for those few people every week.

Right now we have a definate tank, 2 Healers and myself and a boomkin. That is not to say things are set in stone as if we can make a group happen and can raid that is what we want to do.

Our raiding times are also 430-730 Tuesday and Wednesday. Our group is a mature group and are dedicated to raiding... but dont forget to have fun either.

If you would like to discuss things please whisper in game, I will try to look for you too.

If you think we would be a good fit then we would love to have you all here.

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