Dirty little tanking secrets.

90 Dwarf Warrior
If a pug tells me I'm pulling too fast (which is funny, as I adapt my pace based on the group's ability), I'll be factitious and start RP-walking everywhere. I've been known to talk in /say when I do that, too.
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90 Human Paladin
I utilize my various off-healing talents and glyphs to snipe heals and to devalue the role of healer in general in dungeons.

I also sometimes drag trash pulls toward bosses and pull the latter within the same combat engagement, rendering recount logs largely useless.

And if you queue as a tank spec for a scenario as well, all primary goals of said scenario I set aside and devote my entire time to making sure you do not hold aggro on anything.
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90 Pandaren Monk
I grin every time I get dps agility loot over a rogue or kitty--and know they don't even have a valid complaint against it.
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90 Orc Death Knight
I don't kite Rattlegore just to see if I can beat my previous record on Rusting stacks.

25, currently.

I always kite him to give out free achievements.
Same thing in the next room with Sanguinarian.
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94 Pandaren Warrior
I always kite him to give out free achievements.
Same thing in the next room with Sanguinarian

I do this.

But mostly just to get soloing it down to something I can do every time.

And for the latter, because I enjoy doing retarded dps
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22 Gnome Warrior
I kite the boss to a corner for no appraent reason just to see which melee is afk/auto-attacking. I then put a raid marker on them.
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90 Night Elf Druid
In both ICC and Firelands, we played Bingo.

The tank who could get all 5 melee in group 2 killed in one go won Melee Bingo.

There was a bonus for getting all the healers in group 5 killed.
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29 Pandaren Monk
11/17/2012 04:35 AMPosted by Kickgruntler
I grin every time I get dps agility loot over a rogue or kitty--and know they don't even have a valid complaint against it.

Why would a kitty complain? most of them are off spec bear lol.

I got a better one. When I tank or dps as bear/kitty in heroics. I roll on offspec leather gear and no one knows any better.
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100 Orc Warrior
11/17/2012 06:28 AMPosted by Slashlove
In both ICC and Firelands, we played Bingo.

Brings back sweet memories of Koralon in VoA. My co-tank/co-guild leader and I would be in mumble with each other while in Vent with the rest of the guild, one of us would call out a target for the next Meteor Fist, our priest healer got her panties in a bunch when I chased her down to kill her.

As for on topic, I like to charge, thunderclap, shockwave, intervene to the healer and heroic leap back at the pile before they move. I will do this above all else.

Also, if a dps runs off to pull another group I will place a fire, sit, and hit my /popcorn macro.
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
I'm transmogged to PVP gear. Current PVP gear.

But its really just for the looks.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
I noticed back at the start of Cata that when my healer dies, I take less damage (about 20% less). No idea why, but it still works in MoP. So I've let my healer die on occasion, just to made them look useless as I finish the fight without them. Keeps them in their place.

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100 Night Elf Druid
11/16/2012 02:46 PMPosted by Hasheesh
Love to troll healers into not healing me, then lol when they are mad i am not dying :)

Funny, because when I am healing and get a pally tank I let his WoG do most of my healing ;x
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
I controlle undead in the shadowpan instance.. on last boss after i see what he dropped.. i leave group and have my guildies die to the add being uncontrolled. Its funny.
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100 Worgen Druid
this isn't going to go well

hint: the posters here are much less passive-aggressive

That's 'cause tanks have much more control of how encounters go down in dungeons. Bad dps can be carried and weak healers can be disguised but a bad tank can ruin everybody's day.

Call me crazy but I turn the mobs, use interrupts, stuns and cds and pull at a reasonable rate.
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90 Pandaren Warrior
I votekick people afk for silly reasons, 99% of the time they are not afk. Could be anything from a "legit" reason of crap dps or killing me with bad heals, or they could be saying dumb !@#$ in chat, or could be from the following realms: Azralon, Nemesis, Tol Barad, Ragnaros and any of the other south american realms that clog up the random queue with bads who refuse to learn.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
11/16/2012 10:01 AMPosted by Honchtrow
I try to take extra damage in 5 man's for more vengeance.

Vengeance is based off of unmitigated damage so purposely avoiding the use of your mitigation abilities doesn't accomplish anything.


edit: I gorefiend grasps those explodey dudes in the shadow pan instance onto party members.

Yes. Good thing *I'm* the one that looks like an idiot.
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90 Goblin Death Knight
-I have no clue what I'm doing.
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100 Human Rogue
Deep down inside I actually kinda like being nice to people. I know, unheard of in the WoW community. Even if most of the time I don't like being around people because they either bore me or tick me off. THerefore when tanking I don't act like a pretentious douchebag.
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90 Goblin Death Knight
This thread is full of %%*!*@#%% !@#$.

Back in WoTLK I used hysteria on Dreamwalker (when it was a blood talent) and was subsequently kicked from my guild.
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90 Night Elf Druid
In Wrath on 25 pug Onyxia, some of the pugs ticked me off so I cleaved the raid and laughed.
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