My Undecided Goodbye!?

90 Human Warrior
This is either to be my temporary break or possibly the final farewell to WoW. I've been playing since classic all the way until now, i'm sure I'm gonna see trolls here soon about I'm full of it about that or I'm a nerdy fat virgin for having actually been playing that long ( 7/24/05 to be precise). Either way idc say what you wanna say to make yourselves feel good. I've had the privileged of meeting great people and experience the fails as well...I have been on Bronzebeard my entire time of playing, seen people come and go and not just the realm but the entire game over these years digress into immature brats that complain about everything being to difficult in this game.
At the end of Caty is when I really started debating on my leave due to what I can only describe is neglect and/or just steadily poor design and effort going into this game anymore by its Devs. and artist. Model reuse of armor and weapons over and over again, I mean really have your employees become that lazy? I wonder how many classic employees especially Devs. are still there... should have never sold out to Activision, since then its all money to you guys not the people that play YOUR game and pay hence SUPPORTING your game, and haven't truly seen anything for our loyalty and time still here, but lets reward those that gave up not once but multiple times. Hey it worked I guess right for a little while at least you made your money. Even the expansions have become rushed so bad that it now takes you maybe weeks or longer to attempt to fix (and usually doesn't or creates more problems and extended downtime) anything but would be fixed either that same day or the following Tuesday throughout classic to wrath and even some Caty, now its meh people will get over it and keep playing because they can't rush or force you to fix anything.
An the biggest thing of them all is actually the crap you decide to actually do in game or add, stop breaking stuff and stop adding useless pointless crap and focus on current problems then start thinking about something new. An stop coddling these people who can't play this game and hack it in PvE or PvP, all the challenges are being drained away because the kids cry for nerfs and easy modes. If you can't learn the raids stick with LFR, can't PvP and face roll your keyboard in matches then stop...otherwise learn and practice and stop complaining about everything we all know its actually you and those fail skills.
I love you Blizzard and your talent behind games and will continue, but it seems you have forgotten your people. I've become bored and tired of the best mmorpg game ever.
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