Silhouette- A guild: PVP/PVE

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Silhouette! A guild. What is it? Why are we here? What are we trying to prove? With all the other guilds out there what makes US different?

1. What is Silhouette?

2. Guild Poem

Page 2.

3. Looking For:

4. PVE Branch

5. PVP Branch

6. Recruitment

7. Website

8. Questions?

1. What is silhouette?
Silhouette is a Two branched guild concerning p.v.p and p.v.e. We are looking for players who prefer night raiding and p.v.p. The times will be 11:00-2:00.(See below for more info)

A level 1 guild seems threatening right? What if I were to say you would become a founder of something much bigger than all else? A p.v.p branch who can outplay a gladiator and another branch that can work through any fight mechanic and make hard modes seem like baking a mermaid?!?! This is Silhouette. This is what we are about and we just happen to produce epic players in the process.

2.Guild Poem- The Silhouette

"The morning comes the sun starts east
a silhouette is casting
the sable shroud of cloud is brought
the night no longer lasting
Remnants of dark no longer parked
upon the sky now bright
but a silhouette stuck in its way
keeps evidence of night

The sun exiles the silhouette
and continues on with starkness
the silhouette just bides its time
and gathers when it darkens

The sun fatigues and sinks towards west
all the shadows drawn
The silhouette now soothes the world
at least, that is, till dawn."
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100 Orc Death Knight
4. Looking for:
I am currently looking for officers above all but I will accept the latter. I am in search of DPS, tanks and p.v.e/p.v.p healers.

5. PVP Branch: Officer
I know a lot may say “I can PVP well, I 0wn newbz, LOLOLOLOLOLOL” but no. I might need some type of evidence. I know this may seem a bit weird but I would like to know your highest rating in arena and or rated bg’s. I would like to see your U.I. I would like for my pvp chair to have his abilities key bound. Pvp chair must be at *least* 2200 rating at some point of his or her wow career.

PVP Branch: Players
Bring your bodies and pvp :). There is no heat on you guys at all, just come in and has fun pvping, and get to know your guild mates a bit better I would say.


6. PVE Branch: Officer
I am looking for an experienced veteran raider who has potentially done at least Black Temple during B.C, ICC during Wotlk, and DS during Cata. My raid officer must have some degree of common sense and must be able to lead a raid smoothly into completion.

PVE Branch: Players
Must have a decent reaction time (key binding usually signifies some decent reaction time at least) and must not have commitment issues. He or she must be able to take some degree of direction and do not stand in fire, or we will drop you faster than a hookers panties.

7. Recruitment Officer:
Self-explanatory, lead by a good example and people of equal quality may follow. Whenever we need more people in our ranks you will be in charge of getting decent players. OR get trashy players and we will convert them faster than Optimus Prime into a truck.

8. Website:
Currently under strong maintenance.

9. Further Questions.
If there are any further questions concerning the guild in any way, send me in-game mail or whisper me in-game. You can also post on the forum. Please and Thank you.
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100 Orc Death Knight
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100 Orc Death Knight
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100 Orc Death Knight
Feel free to post.
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100 Human Priest
I'm sure my guild would love to have some war games against yall.
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100 Orc Death Knight
That I would love. :)
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