This isn't my main, as you may have guessed.

I'm already on Uldaman, enhancement shammy, Ally side, level 90, IL 474 and working it up.

I'm looking for a guild that a) is fun, mature and interesting; b) wants an active melee DPS for a raid team; c) raids no more than twice a week; and d) gets stuff done.

I've been playing since late vanilla, I play this class well, I like to win, but I'm not obsessed. I'm a team player, will work with the guild to git 'er done! WoW for me is about the social aspect and accomplishing stuff through effort and teamwork, which sadly doesn't happen nearly enough IRL.

I don't stand in bad stuff, I self heal, I listen to instructions ... hey! I'm a model citizen.
Hire me!

What would be awesome is a weekend raiding guild. I can never, ever raid on Thursday, and Wednesdays are iffy. I will faction switch for the right group but ... call me crazy ... I'd prefer to stay on Uldaman.

Oh, offspec: elemental, but I'm not geared. I don't want to heal and I'm honestly not great at caster specs either. Smashy crashy bangy = good.

And, the important stuff: pie. Cake is nice, but pie, mmm. Ahh. Sigh.