Could Hunters Do It?

90 Dwarf Hunter
The hunters of Spectacular Death have been discussing our tenacity pet's ability to tank mostly anything. As a for instance, we had a situation where in a 5-man heroic, the tank, thanks to his 2 year-old, died. I stopped dps, pulled out my bear, and we finished that boss. It wasn't, necessarily easy. I had to move Ursa around so the melee wasn't standing in stuff, but we did it.

So we were wondering, could a 40-man all hunter raid take down the Sha of Anger? We're tossing this out to the community for opinions.

For those who don't have hunters, the way our pets work now, any pet can be any of three classes; tenacity, ferocity and cunning. Tenacity is, more or less, the tanking spec. Ferocity is the max dps spec. Cunning provides other dps, but not as much as ferocity. Each spec has a place in the play style of a hunter.

In addition, each pet class brings a specific ability or buff to a raid. Frostheim, WOWInsider's Scattered Shots hunter columnist, did a recent column on the kinds of buffs hunters can bring to a raid via their pets. ( It's a great read for people organizing raids or for hunters trying to maximize performance.

The discussion in chat was that we can self heal, via things like Spirit Bond. If we bring spirit beasts to the raid, they provide additional instant healing as well as healing over time. Pets aren't affected by the mind control the Sha does. We could have 5 hunter pets as dedicated tanks with those hunters being responsible, mainly, for keeping their pet alive. I don't think the effect of spirit beasts stacks, but I could be wrong. The raid would be a dps race. Frostheim points out that any ferocity pet in one's stable does the same dps as any other so you could bring a pet purely for the additional buff, such as a bunch of Core Hounds and their breath weapon.

I don't think we could do it. My reasoning is that the damage we take is more than spirit bond + spirit beasts can overcome. Even knowing the fight; run away with growing anger, don't stand in bitter thoughts; our ability to kite and kill adds, I think we'd take more damage than we could heal. But, we'd like to know what the Llane hunter community thinks. Could a level 90 40-man all hunter raid take down the Sha of Anger? Why yes or no?
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