Currently recruiting for all exceptional players for our weekend raiding team.

WCCL is located on the Bloodhoof realm on the horde side. Before MoP we raided a very strong weeknight schedule however we had to re-evaluate based on work/life commitments of the group and so forth and have been rebuilding towards a weekends group. We have plenty of socials as well and everything is pretty much a gongshow of a time.

Raid Times:
Saturday/Sundays 8pm-12am EST.
->This will become debatable when the group is COMPLETELY finished forming.

We will eventually work towards a second group to be formed for the weeknights once again for players that aren't able to make our weekend times.

It is expected that you know fights, have a clear understanding of your class/spec and that you are dedicated enough to make raid times and come prepared. All buff foods, flasks, repairs, enchants, gems will be provided for your new gear and raiding.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining and/or raiding with a guild that has been successful and continues to press excellence send me a message at the information below.

Skype: projectsl87