My boyfriend and I are looking for people to run challenges/raid with.

I have a ilvl 475 resto shaman (Blammy) and a 471 holy priest (Nohomojo).

He has a 472 guardian druid (Boogur).

We were alliance for vanilla and bc, quit and came back as horde for the end of cata.

I have disc priest/resto druid pvp xp on Tichondrius, seasons 1-3, some raiding; he has feral druid raiding xp through black temple.

We have managed to lvl our guild to 14 by ourselves.

Looking for more to join Fancyman of Cornwood, but if we can find the right guild we are willing to leave and join them. We would be considered dedicated players, know a lot about our classes, but like to have fun with it.

Any help in the right direction would be great. We started here to play with his cousin, but he quit, and now we are loners.