Im sure some of you know us and hate us. Maybe we killed you when you where alliance or we just flat out piss you off some other way. We dont care. Midnight Rodeo is all about playing this game doing Raiding 10man, world pvp, arenas, and we are building a solid RBG group.

Midnight Rodeo is a MATURE, social guild that is recruiting for our core 10-man raiding team (Tu/Thur 6-9pm), ilvl 463 highly recommended. We are looking for Priest/Monk/Pally heals, non-Druid tanks, and War/Lock/Sham/DK/Rogue DPS, but anyone that is willing to work and open to learn is welcome. Come join one of Deathwing's oldest guilds.

Send me a in-game mail or tell when im online.

P.S. Dont be soft!