Currently 4/6MSV
As for past things, to much to list, just know I've been here since Vanilla played this calss since Vanilla, cleared every instance in the game on time of content through LK, all but stupid Sunwell...Cata was iffy since people got tired of it blah blah, but for current status problems....
Progression is at a major halt due to stupid reasons (IE people not showing up unstable raid groups to many replacements not a knitted group OR the DPS is to low and the 4 highest (or3) cannot carry them...)
I know all the fights, currently still watching/learning the ToES fights. Played this game far to long to not enjoy raiding, Paying for this game and not getting what I desire is no fun at all...
Anything else need to know just ask, Don't really know what to put on this atm way to early in the morning and quite pissed at the results of server transferring actually.

Oh yes, Can raid any day of the week any time, Prefer a Hard Core Raiding Setting, and none of that "trying to put together" crap, or we just need this or that. I'm not here to help you build a puzzle I'm here to be the piece of it, or join one (Or take one out if possible haha...) don't care if it's ten or 25m....Just be organized and stuff, no offence to any of you that are? But alot say it and are int he beginning then weeks later show their true colors. Not here to waste my money on this stuff.

b.tag Shadow#1678

Oh yea by the way, Helm will be replaced on Tuesday/Wends with Shado-pan's VP one, and When I get a better LFR weapon, Ill put Jade Serpent on it, but not on this PoS thing when HoF is avail, and ToES is this coming tues. Here's to hoping.
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