Couple quick question on stamina vs. mastery

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Whats the dealio with it. Everywhere I go seems to say a different thing, so I can't really get a definite answer on it.

I don't really feel comfortable using shield block on boss fights, but I thought that was what I was stacking mastery for. Now when I use shield barrier I feel like it actually does something, especially on the Blade Lord fight since I get such an insane amount of vengeance from him that I can get almost 160k shield barriers. Since shield barrier scales with your AP and Stam should I just stack stamina, while maintaining an equal amount of parry/dodge. I've also seen on Blade Lord that one of my blocks (maybe a critical) blocked out like 40k damage off of one of his white hits. But then I can get a normal shield barrier for the same rage for like 54k with no vengeance.

So long story short... Wut do

Also is Blade Lord like a gear check for tanks? Or is it that I have to be really smart with cycling my cools downs for his Overwhelming Assaults?

Ninja edit: My Hit/Exp caps are top priority right?
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90 Undead Warrior
Well !@#$! Is it really that big of a game changer? Should I be using it on most boss fights or does it depend on the situation?
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Shield block is better for a large amount of incoming melee damage. Barrier is better for smaller "maintenance" damage, and damage that is not physical.

Let's say a boss is going to smack you four times in the next six seconds for 150k each. Barrier will absorb one hit, and leave you eating the rest. Shield block will remove 30-60% of the total damage. Assuming the worst case scenarios...

Barrier - 450k over 4.5 seconds
Block - 360k over 4.5 seconds, and 480k over 6 seconds

The latter would be more damage, but it would also be easier to heal because of the larger time frame. You still have a chance to dodge,, parry, and be missed with either, and still have a chance to block with barrier. On the other hand, block provides a much larger chance to critically block.

However, if you're getting blasted with a fireball... Block will do nothing for you, and barrier would absorb a large chunk of that damage. Things such as DoTs also become more manageable with your barrier.

Block vs barrier is highly situational. Knowing which to use, when, can make healing much easier, and can also mean the difference between success and failure.
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90 Undead Warrior
Now on Stone guards I think it would be better to use shield barrier correct? Since most of their damage comes from the bleed effect... but on Gara'Jal I should use block for the straight physical damage?
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Correct. Barrier > Block on that fight but for the most part, go with block.
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