Tanking with a Paladin

100 Human Paladin
Hello, fairly new to raid tanking. Had a few questions about itemization. Especially reforging, gemming and stat priorities

I looked up on many websites, some were talking about getting the 7.5% hit cap (wich I have now) and 7.5%+ on Expertise (Currently at 5,53%). Other websites were talking about getting parry/doge before those stats.

I know that not missing any attacks or spells generate more holy power to proc Sacred Shield/Eternal Flame and generates more threat (resulting in theorically more damage mitigation) but I find I am taking way too much damage. I am smoothing out damage taken but I still find my life bar too unstable in heroic dungeons to even risk going in raids. LFRs are fine but I don't know about real raids where the damage taken is greater.

So my questions are :

Is the hit/expertise build better than the dodge/parry ?
Is Sacred Shield better than Eternal Flame?
Is my gemming correct?

My reforging is currently taking out dodge and lower priority stats and transforming them into either Hit or Expertise.

Thanks for all the advices, looking forward to read your anwsers
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90 Pandaren Monk
You're not reforging agressively enough. On top of this, your gemming is not supporting your gearing strategy.

For example, you could get 2400 more expertise (7.05%), and 320 more hit (0.94%) from putting a belt buckle on, replacing all the red slots with expertise gems, the blue slots with purple expertise+hit gems, and the yellow slots with expertise+haste or mastery gems.

You would be hit capped, and well on your way to expertise capped. (only 2.5% shy, just over 700 rating)

If you reforge your head, shoulder, and back piece from avoidance into expertise, then your weapon to hit, you'll be very close to the caps, tho this is eyeballing it so you probably want to run some reforgelite-type stuff to get it exact.

Then you're going to have LOTS of holy power generation, and you'll find your squishiness to be considerably reduced.
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85 Human Paladin
You might consider getting the Dawnblade's Chestguard instead of the Cuirass of the Twin Monoliths if you're considering a VP chest piece purchase soon.

You'll notice that they have the same socket bonuses and gem socket colorsbut the dps piece has hit instead of dodge.

I have this on my raiding paladin and when I made this my first VP purchase I was able to get hit capped and obtain ~12.90 expertise after reforging around the item.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Really you want 7.5% hit, 15% expertise.
This increases damage/threat and HoPo generation. Keep up ShoR as much as possible.

Next you want to go for EITHER haste OR mastery < not both.
Haste will reduce CD on CS and J which will increase HoPo generation again > ShoR uptime
Mastery will increase your block chance being a passive damage reduction, also increases the damage reduction on ShoR

So depending on how you manage your rotations the above smooths out incoming damage. This is for those who like control.

Alternative if you want to go in, smash bosses drink bourbon and sometimes/usually don’t get your rotation perfect for the whole encounter, like me (I still want hit/exp caps for threat and damage and I hate missing, just OCD I think) you may want to go for dodge/parry/mastery and play the RNG game. You will take less damage overall, but the spike damage is bigger usually giving your healers heart attacks (WoG helps as there is somewhat less focus on ShoR) pop cooldowns, you’ll be right.
When our guild finally gets things happening and my gear improves I am
Hit/exp 7.5/15% > mastery > dodge/parry
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