Hi everyone :)

My partner and I have recently returned to WoW after an extended break playing other games to try out all the new things on offer in Mists of Pandaria. When we returned we decided to level new monks together as we thought it would be the better way to see, and grow accustomed to, all the changes to abilities and the talent system, rather than trying to relearn one of our many level 85 characters.

Playing the monks has been great fun, with my partner taking on a Mistweaver and myself a Brewmaster. Running dungeons during the levelling process has been a lot of fun, although stressful at times with the random dungeon finder. As we have moved into Pandaria and completed the Jade Forest and Valley of the Four Winds, we are thinking it would be a good time to start running some of the new dungeons.

Although I have been playing for much longer than she has, playing since not long after the game first launched all those years ago, and having been part of progression raiding throughout Classic WoW, TBC and Wrath, we have never gotten into running dungeons together until now and missed out on experiencing them during Cataclysm.

I would really like to introduce her to the benefits of being part of a friendly guild, and how different it is to experience content in a much more relaxed and friendly environment, perhaps one day even introducing her to raiding.

We are interested in finding a group of friendly people who enjoy a relaxed and fun environment. A guild with a more casual attitude who still like to run group content and assist people in learning the encounters.. who understand that accidents happen, mistakes get made, but are still able to dust themselves off and have some fun..

Any help finding a nice group of people to make friends and have some fun with would be great :)

We are available in game on Tianli and Cucuvea between 10pm and 1am PST on week nights and much earlier on weekends.
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