[A] 469 Rogue 467 Warlock 460something Hpally

90 Human Warlock
Obviously looking for a raiding guild, current guild GM was sick for two weeks and none of the officers put effort to form a group and just tonight none of the gmsor officers were signed on during the scheduled raiding time tonight sooooo here I am

Best raiding times for me 1-6:30 server M-Th 1-11 server F 6:30-11 server Sa 12-8 Su (All PM)

My exp: I've been running MV on RF atleast 2-4 times every week and 3/6 exp on normal 10man pretty fluent with all those fights on normal

Heart of Fear is another story, though if your guild does raid it I can do my homework on it.

Characters ~~~~
Kawklock - Affliction/Destro Warlock (contemplating learning demonology seeing as I never use destro) he has 467 iLvl and might i add my single buff no flask/food raid dummy dps is ~ 40k
Stabbywabby - Assassination/Combat Rogue (I know Sub for PvE but I find assassination much easier as well as better dps) he has 469 iLvl and single buff no flask/food raid dummy as assassination is ~ 42k
Binladadin - Currently in Progress Holy/Ret Pally (will not be tanking cause !@#$ that :P) His holy set is missing about 3 peices from heroic gear but enchants and reforge can be done in a flash
Shamonna(Sentinels) - Elemental/Resto Shaman just hit 90 yesterday, will be realm switching him soon but I haven't started to gear him till I know I will definatly be switching him over.
And the rest of my toons: 85 priest(H), 85 warrior, 85 druid(Lightbringer realm), 82 deathknight(lightbringer aswell), 81 hunter, 80 mage, 33 monk.

Oh and lastly I have 600 herb, mining, jc, ench, inscript, and alchemy

this is all I could think of if you have any questions post here or message me ingame
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100 Dwarf Hunter
<Infinite Order> is looking for a MDPS, if you're interested.
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