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90 Human Mage
So, I have been playing a mage for well a long time, and I am a little upset with the fact that arcane has been ignored for the most part in pvp. I played the beta and all of the changes to arcane were to accomadate pve which is fine but the simple fact is arcane is not vet viable for pvp. The problem is pretty simple, you expect us to stand still for 6 arcane blast casts before we can do our maximum potential damage and it simply will never happen, as frost its hard enough to stand still and pretty much every fire mage spams scorch and inferno blast for procs. Arcane is lacking, we either need to get the stacks down to something reasonable or we need a better *spec* defensive. I think slow is the best thing to target if you wanna go that route. Its just not good enough no matter how you look at it. pretty outdated in its own right and you have nerfed it over the years to just being almost useless. I would suggest something like Time prisim, the mage casts a rune on the ground lasting 1 min, when activated the next melee hit the mage receives will port the attacker to the rune. Something to give us a little breather. Also Arcane missiles should probably be castable while moving. Just some suggestions
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90 Undead Warlock
Don't forget how Arcane power is dispellable... Oh ya and ur expected to Deepfreeze for crits.... HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm The worst Troll !@# Design for a fkking mage ever When I played my arcane mage I puked like 3000000000000000000000000 Times over cause that's how disgustingly terrible arcane is.

And wdf is slow... I have to waste a WHOLE GLYPH to put slow on Arcane blast... REALLY? ye hun I'm with ya Arcane got Trolled hard in MoP.

6 Blasts
A dispellable Buff
And a Glyph to slow
Not to mention Shaman and Driuds still get clearcasting/watever it is but Arcane doesn't.
We get a rune... to throw on the floor and stand in, and die on it.

Don't get me on how Temporal Shield and Frost shield are both Dispellable making them both Equally !@#$ty at defending Arcane.. Since PoM was made a Talent I have no advantage over other mages either.. and why did Frost get Orb again but they made missile procs are only off casted skills?

Again Arcane got trolled H A R D they are worse than Ele shaman in pvp, I guess Arcane is only supposed to win by running around spamming Temp bomb. I see some use Frost Bomb But frost bomb is so weak for Arcane cause look at frost mage's MAstery and passives.. Then look at Arcane's... and for living to work u need another mandatory glyph..

G G Blizz Good muda !@#$ing game.

Ps: Blizzard already allows you to move with arcane missles during Icefloes, and that wouldn't even help us really at all seeing as every melee will still take the opportunity to ranged silence us. Ask Ele Shaman How much moving and casting helps them.

To Fix Arcane they need to:
1) "Fix" Missiles HORRIBLE insanely LOW proc rate...
2) Give them something better than Shatter (shatter and Arcane contradict Eachother?)
3) either put orb back or Allow Tempest Bomb to Proc Missiles(Arcane gets NOTHING for Casting bomb at all atm... Frost get a free FFB and Fire get's Pyromaniac Debuff -.-)
4) I dunno wdf is Rune of power, I can't even..., but all the lvl 90 talents are bad for arcane in pvp Nether tempest doesn't even scale with Charges or nothing
5) Let slow be applied on more than one target and have the Glyph allow it to be applied on Barrage. (Inb4 ppl say AoE ranged slow is too OP, plz talk to Mr. MM Hunter and get back at me)
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90 Human Mage

da'hell' did I just read? c:
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90 Gnome Mage
Read the Mage class forum bro, it's rife with posts about how Arcane got left in the dust this PvP season.

All the same complaints.

- Arcane Missiles not as powerful a proc for PvP as Pyroblast and Frostfire Bolt
- Low Mobility
- Our PvP snare (Slow) does not compare well with Dragon's Breath and Pet Freeze


Lots of great ideas on how to fix it. Doesn't look like Blizzard is listening.

Definitely nothing exciting coming down the pipeline in 5.1 for Arcane PvP. 2% extra coefficient on AB ain't gonna cut it.
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90 Undead Warlock
11/17/2012 12:19 PMPosted by Pewpewblast
da'hell' did I just read? c:

Lock rage...

BAsically blizzard idea of Arcane mage is to suck at both PVE and PVP.

Bad single Target Damage, Bad AoE Damage, Less Procs.

No reliable CC since Poly Morph has been removed and that Slow is pretty garbage, Nova and Jaw are pretty butts too, it's sad how fire and frost got their each unique way to CC but Arcane only gots the baseline bs.

Literally (in heroics) I spend atleast 15seconds (per boss) total casting Rune of Power Also the Evocation Glyph with it isn't even scaled good with the talent, 1% my HP per second for every second in something i can rarely stand in is not good.I don't get why i can't have 3% or 2% like hunters.

I can only imagine it's much worse in raids.

Anyways It's like Arcane was just made to be bad, and it's not even the damage itself that's bad it's just how Arcane is played now, it went from simple and fun and versatile to pure RNG, ppl say fire mage is rng, Arcane is pure RNG and nothing else.
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