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Prior to social based online games I was pretty much an introvert, since then I've become significantly more social than I ever thought I would. It gave me a place to open up and endure many insults that, to this day, will never be toppled by anything someone says or does in real life, especially since there are not many people who will even come close to saying those sort of things in person due to social etiquette. It hardened my mind, without damaging it because I could understand the difference between that 15 year old just talking to feel tall, and someone who really did mean something. It has never been the latter.

That said, because of gaming, my memory, response time, and ability to observe or assess every situation has increased to levels well beyond my peers to the point where even in the work place I receive praise. I often feel like I am surrounded by monkeys, and I am sure that if I were in some other places such as a medicinal lab the same could be said of me, but I digress as it's not the point.

I know many people like myself who have experienced similar changes and it's nice to see some gamers, mature and collectively stick a big middle finger in the face of everyone telling us how we wasted our lives away. While they were watching TV, we were using our brains. We made it a natural habit within ourselves to research, crunch numbers, memorize, adapt and succeed.

Even something as basic as dating improved because after all, it's the same damn game I've always played, just with new boss mechanics no? Don't misinterpret that, there are failures, there are always failures but the success rate drastically changes when you're secure and confident. Ultimately that was the gain. Gaming gave me confidence, it taught me with hard work and effort that I could be more than I was. My life has now become an ever lasting uphill battle for self improvement.

Furthermore, I'm not sure how many of you have been around since the beginning but I assure you that while my writing may not be 100% up to par with the best of scholars, talking with you guys forced me to improve. For almost what 3-4 years it was a non stop discussion board, exploring many topics, some not as mature as others, but topics that were expansive and required one to back up everything they said. It's still a work in progress, but I'm sure for you guys that have been around since they opened the server you may remember how bad it was.

Anyways, fight on, fight on.

PS - Lif, if you're reading this, do you still have "As the world turns..."?
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PS - Lif, if you're reading this, do you still have "As the world turns..."?

I believe most of it is still right here.
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