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90 Goblin Mage
For those of the CRZ refugees looking to start completely anew, <Gerudo Cartel> Is looking for any and all players. We are wanting to add another flavor to the RPWPvP scene to give the alliance a better run for their money. Contact myself or Kotake for more information.
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Hi Tekren -

I think you'd find VeCo a nice place to play. There are folks on at all guild has a few Oceanics in it. You won't find it as busy as an Oceanic server at peak times, but from what you're describing you don't need a TON of interaction.

You'll certainly be able to play the way you want to without a bunch of folks getting in your way. All the "grouping" tools function exactly as you describe and we do get some nasty folks based on our Battlegroup (I'm looking at YOU, Kel'Thuzad!), but that's inevitable wherever you go.

The one thing that I am most proud of on our server is the sense of honor both factions seem to have towards one another. WPvP happens and is very real here, but it's usually structured, both sides know it's coming and has great fun participating in it.

There is very little corpse camping and typical griefing behavior. Of course, there is SOME, but it's not as rampant or corrosive as it is elsewhere.

And might I say, based on what you're looking to do in game, that my guild, The Guardians of Azeroth, might be a good fit for you.
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90 Goblin Mage
I can vouch For GoA as an alliance guild. But if youre horde come to GC :D
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1 Human Rogue
Greetings. I quit around the launch of Cataclysm and have recently returned to give MoP a field test. Unfortunately, it seems Blizzard likes to destroy communities. I was never one to get endlessly camped, nor am I one to complain about it, but I haven't had many positive interactions via CRZ.

I really am impressed with the attitude of the community here. It seems like a bastion. Now, I'm considering going here. It'd be a fresh reroll, but with that in mind...

I have an alt problem. To date, I have the following characters of significance on other realms:

90 Paladin
86 Priest
85 Druid
85 Rogue
85 Mage
85 Warlock
85 Warrior
81 Paladin
80 Shaman
76 Death Knight
64 Rogue
63 Priest
46 Paladin
44 Warrior
43 Warlock

...don't ask why I have duplicates.

I often err towards PvP over PvE at level cap. The gear treadmill has never interested me. I would rather have good gear be a byproduct of the fun I experience, rather than the central goal. It seems like the realm has a fantastic attitude towards open PvP and this is probably what attracts me the most. Are the rumours true? I've always been more attracted to Horde cities, but I'm willing to hear arguments for either side.
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90 Goblin Mage
Hello Milandis, The Veco is a good server. I first level capped at level 80 and have seen plenty of interesting things. I mostly do pvp so tats what I can tell you about. Since Enclave and Project Mayhem left, you wont find much elitism. Yay. However, there are many Rppvp guilds that are aactive and nothing to sneeze at. Knights of Dusk, The Vigil, The Council of Judgement, and the Guardians of the Light make up the Alliance War Coalition. Each guild is as unique as the last, no one is "better" than the other (see elitism remark). On the Horde: the Blacktooth Grin, THe THunderoof Clan, and the Dark Clan of Fenris make up the Dreadhorde. Soon, Koumeh and I wish to add the Gerudo Cartel as a sanctioned member of the Dreadhorde. Wpvp events re intense and massive, if not personal. We all know each other here. It's a good, mature, free of any sort of usual internet garbage realm. (and as for Pvp the guardians of the light are it for alliance i think, rivaled by the horde guild Point blank.) Hope this was helpful. Join the Gerudo Cartel for wpvp!
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90 Gnome Rogue
... Thank you, Kotake. ^_^
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Hi Milandis -

Kotake summed it up quite nicely. As a VeCo native since BC, I'll add a few additional tidbits. The Order of the Dragon is another very good RP-PvP guild that participates in world events (Hi Yarrick!). I'm not sure if they're part of the Alliance War Coalition.

If you're into primo PvP, both world and competitively, Warbringer is among the best our server has to offer (Hi Charax!)

Kotake's absolutely right about the camaraderie among guilds on VeCo, at least Alliance side (Can't speak of Horde side as I play my Hordies on Ravenholdt, another CRZ-free realm. However, based on the Horde's usually honorable combat, I'd say the same holds true for them). We all get along and there's very little animosity or vitriol between us...we usually cooperate very well and if there is any rivalry, it's a friendly competition.

Finally, most guilds are very alt friendly, and many have cross pollination between guilds. Many folks have alts in different guilds across the server, which contributes to the tight cooperation between us...we usually know what we're all up to, and if anyone needs an assist.

Regardless of which guild you choose, I know you'll likely find a happy home here on VeCo.
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If you couldn't tell, Braellyn, I decided in that timeframe to settle here for the time being. See you on the battlefield. :-)
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90 Pandaren Hunter
<Rising>, the unofficial CRZ Refugee guild reached level 25 a few days ago. Still recruiting all and sundry!

We should also now be listed in the guild search in game, so you can request membership!
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13 Night Elf Druid
Greetings. Another possible CRZ refugee looking to transfer. I have been on a high pop RP server for years (now medium pop). Long story short I quit playing a year or so ago and looking to reroll with a bit more excitement on the PvP front, but like the RP mentality. Considered rerolling on ED, but hate the whole idea of CRZ.

If I reroll here it will be horde side. How is the pop balance here? Will it be difficult to get into a reasonably sized guild on horde side?
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90 Undead Warrior
Hi Kelthen. The population balance is about even. I don't often WPVP, but when I do the numbers seem about balanced. Not certain about RP, but I've heard it's mostly inter-guild. Our sticky near the top with active guild listings should give you a good idea of who does what. There are a fair amount of guilds who would, I'm sure, love to have you, as Starien has proven.
If you decide to transfer, welcome. :)
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100 Tauren Shaman
Thunderhoof is always welcoming honorable players.

I should mention you would need to be tauren.

But there are a number of great guilds horde and alliance willing to accept transfers.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
I came here as a CRZ refugee and I have found that it is very peaceful in regards to not having CRZ. Fair amount of wpvp imo and lots of nice people. You can always roll an alt over here and take a look around, I think you will find it enjoyable.

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100 Human Warlock
01/29/2013 06:38 AMPosted by Lacrìmosa
Fair amount of wpvp imo and lots of nice people.

Nod. Despite this server being in the worst possible time zone for me, the people seem nice. That, in itself, is reason enough for me to play here.

Couldn't agree more. I'm in the UK, so it's like an eight hour time difference for me, but that doesn't bother me in the slightest. It's a fantastic server, the people are nice and I cannot recommend it enough.

Basically if it wasn't for this server, WoW would have finished up for me in September last year for good - so it's nice to have this, probably my last, chance to enjoy the game again - and enjoying it I am :)
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90 Troll Monk
it be unfortyanit dat dey alliance no' have dey own ambassidors from de big guilds heeya, but dey seem ta ha'ba da most of da rolepley. Dat dusn't mekem any smellier den norma' doh, as

Greenskin be best skin, mon
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100 Night Elf Rogue
No worries, I was aiming to get around and posting something, but always feel I'll come off as a special person. I already have a helmet, I don't need anything more to add to it. :)

Hallowed Remnants is an RP-PvE-PvP guild, with a stronger focus on the PvE side of things currently and intentions on diving, head first if we must, into the RP-PvP scene on VeCo. We're hoping to get RBGs up and going and all of that fancy stuff... Just a matter of getting the people that are interested in such. We have three raid groups, all of which have made progress in Normal MSV and some HoF, one of which is still looking for members.

Psst, that means you, people fleeing from the evil of the CRZ. :) If you have any questions and/or want to poke at me with a sharp stick, contact any officer or myself on VeCo. Either they'll get a hold of me, or answer the questions you have.
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