Amnesty, an established lvl 25 raiding guild, are recruiting mature players to fill a 2nd raid group, hopefully a 25-man. Recruits are welcome to sign up for regular raids until we can fill the 2nd group. Raiders are expected to read up on strategies, be as best geared as possible with enchants, gems, etc, and be prepared to focus for the duration of the raid. Also required are Ventrilo and Deadly Boss Mods.

Our current raid times are Fridays & Sundays from 7-10 server time. The 2nd raid will likely take place Thursdays and/or Saturdays at about the same times. We are currently at 4/6 MSV. We also do old raids, dungeons, heroics and challenges, and are getting into a little PvP with scheduled RBGs on Mondays at 8 server.

We have a good core group of members who are knowledgeable and very helpful. We have guild repairs for raiders, limited bank access for members, and crafters of all vocations to assist with your crafting needs.

If you would like more information or want to try us out, please contact me in game via PM or mail. You may also contact our other officers Fèarléss and Tolenkar, or our GM Crimson.

See you in game!