Dear Hellscream

90 Pandaren Shaman
It is with sadness I leave you all again. Well not really sadness. You know feeling you get when you go home for thanksgiving and realize that while you miss the people, you're bored of the town? Then you get pulled over by the local cop for going 30 in a 25 zone with out of state tags and he tries to be all "all you out of towners don't respect mah authoritay" and you try to disagree, get tazed, and end up in the county jail with a $1500 bail bill.

Kind of like that, without the bail.

I only subbed up for a month so I could answer the summon from Sapheara / Baggy and having failed at Baggy's task, I leave you all again.

Its hard to believe I've been on and off again posting stupid stuff on this forum since 2004, and its been some good times. Thank you all for reading. I probably wont be back unless in the next expansion, Metzen turns it into "well, the Naruu realized they can't do it on their own so they summoned My Little Pony, and we all get Derpy mounts. Then I'll be back because I'm all about Friendship is Magic!

Its not that WoW is boring, or they nerfed my class, its just that after spending 8 years of having fun acomplishing nothing at all in game, it's truly time to move on for the last time.

Until then, I'll be in GW2 (Darkhaven) or Planetside (Connery) on <--- This toons name.

Stay safe, don't do anything stupid in 2013, and remember, this is a game. It doesn't matter how you got to Server 1st, or how fast you got there, all that matters is you had fun getting there.

A few notes:

Baggy: Sorry I failed in your request.

Sapheara: Sorry you didn't get your wishes.

Eadoin: I'll still call you Apollo, congrats on finding lasting success where many others did not.

Katie: If you ever need seed ISK to get back into EVE, shout.

Doomstar: Come play PS2 some time. I promise not to make any OJ Simpson jokes on coms.

Charam: Thank you for trying to convince me that raiding was fun back in the days of End. Keep being amazing!

Mercator: I still can't find anyone else in any other MMO's to fill your shoes of having an awesome sense of humor and class even while kicking my !@# non stop in PvP. There are very few truly unique people in America these days, you're one of them.

Hand of Tyr Vets: Best year of WoW IMO even if Ixian and Matrius decided to ruin it all by arguing on vent about who kissed a girl first that one time. I still have nightmares about that 45 minute debate.

RoyJones Keep that inner fire burning man. See you in 4-6 years

Anger Vets: I'll still post annoying stuff on your forums. The Adventures of PJ and his wife aren't over just yet.

Linoge: You are now famous in many other MMO circles for your summoning stone adventures at Blizzcon. Thanks for being so over the top.

I probably missed a few. If I did, you were all awesome, and best of luck in MoP and beyond.

I now leave you with one final youtube video:

Because while this server will never be 100% civil, it could always use more laughter.

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Kite is. And always will be.
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I rolled on Warbird's server, whichever that was. I even forgot my ill hit you up on FB.
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