(H) <Attorney At Law> recruiting!

90 Blood Elf Warrior
Hello all! <Attorney At Law> is a newly formed guild of buddies, who all have recently come back to the wonderful world of warcraft, that enjoy the art of PvP. A few of us are geared and murdering, and a few of us are still gearing up/leveling to 90.

We are aiming for guild RBGs, while participating in arena and random battlegrounds as we please. There won't be any mandatory showings, or set times. We hope to gather enough capable active players to form an RBG together frequently.

As the title states, we are recruiting. The requirements are simple. Have the 1550 rating achievement from 3v3/5v5, or the 1600 RBG rating achievement on any of your account's toon from any period of time. I know its not hard to get and can be facerolled. We just want to make sure people can at least faceroll properly. Secondly, you must have a sense of humor. We aren't sensitive people and lack a filter on our mouths. If words offend you easily, this is the wrong guild for you. Finally, nerd ragers/elitists need not apply. We play for fun. Don't mistake that for not playing to the best of our ability. If someone's always butthurt about something, or crying for nerfs on every class but their own, yelling at someone for a little mistake, etc.... then there isn't a spot here for you.

If you are interested, please contact me on Apaulogy, Pauladin, Dragonpaulz or Facepaulm. I have many other charectors, but those are the ones I will most likely be on. Thanks!
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
To the top with yeee for some PvP!
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