Currently iLvl 470 as resto main spec, ele off spec but willing to switch those roles if needed. I have done 4/6 MV (attempted Elegon several times so I know the fight) as an off/main tank.

Outside of this exp I've been playing since the start of Vanilla WoW where I raided MC / BWL as a resto shaman. Since then I've bounced back and forth but have raided throughout BC and WoLK as a prot warrior. I primarily played as a Resto Shaman again in Cata but didn't play enough for serious progression.

I was just released from active duty military service so I'm now able to raid regularly again. I'm looking for anything from Sunday through Wednesday, 4pm-12pm sever time.

Let me know if you're interested or want more details! More than happy to fill out apps as necessary.