Your LEAST Favorite Author?

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For me: Dean Koontz. Freekin' Stephen King wannabe without any of the writing skill.

Have you never read Watchers? That is one amazing book, and one that I like better than anything I have ever read of Stephen King. And Odd Thomas is one of the few books that have drawn enough emotion from me to make me tear eyed. No Stephen King book has ever drawn that kind of emotion from me.

His writing style is nothing like King's, so to call him a King wannabe is just silly. For one thing, he doesn't have a million flashbacks per freaking book.

My answer for this question would be Laurell K. Hamilton for the Anita Blake books. They were great up till Narciuss in Chains. Anita became pretty much a total...well...the polite term would be extremely promiscious woman for such a stupid reason. That, and that book had no freaking plot until 3/4 of the way through. I never read another book in the series after that, it just felt like total smut to me.
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11/30/2012 03:44 PMPosted by Padgagers
For me: Dean Koontz. Freekin' Stephen King wannabe without any of the writing skill.

That's funny considering that King has tried to remodel his writing style after Koontz (which he did wonderfully in Duma Key). To be a King wannabe, you'd have to do an amazing job of creating memorable characters, garnish every death scene with a description of pooping/peeing and pepper the story with additional pooping (or make pooping an integral part of the story like in The Regulators), then annihilate most of your novels with a lame ending that makes no sense at all.

My least favorite author is Tolkien. I'm glad that Lord of the Rings was made into movies because I find the novels to be almost unreadable with all of the pedantic dialogue. I had an easier time following the Bible or The Canterbury Tales.

Sacrilege!!! You sir must be tied to a stake and stoned. I read those books in the 5th grade and followed them just fine.

Seriously though, respect your opinion and all, you have every right to it. Just had to get that out of my system. :P
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01/30/2013 06:04 PMPosted by Vayon
Christopher Paolini

Definitely. But then he was a teenager with Eragon so if it is a dragon fantasy dress laid over the Star Wars movie, then I can't blame him too much. More shame on me, reading it and expecting more. The last two Stephen King books were quite good. The Dome especially. His next book will be a sequel to The Shining. His son Joe Hill has written some interesting books and comic books.

I do enjoy Richard Laymon (RIP), but he is no Jack Ketchum at all. If you like Jack, give Joe R. Lansdale, David J Schow, and Ray Garton a try if you haven't already.

Tolkien is not bad by any means, but his writing is very hard to warm up to. I do love HP Lovecraft, Robert E Howard (His Conan stories are the very best), and Arthur Machen. So I guess I like my fantasy dark.

I love Richard Laymon and Jack Ketchum. I really like that hardcore horror style of their's.
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i could bash nearly all the authors of required reading in school, but none of them come as close as they do to nancy kress (Beggars in Spain)

Good lord that book was awful. i had to read it for my last reading class and the author can just NOT write science fiction that you want to care about. it was the most dragged out, unappealing, stagnant book ive ever read.

after that semester,i thew that thing in my "targets" box, and then a month later,zip-tied it to a wooden pole and introduced it to my 7.62x54R at my work's annual shooting trip
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I'm not too fond of R.A. Salvatore anymore, also going back to Weiss-Hickman stuff is a big dissapointment.

Odd, because I truley love the fantasy genre, just re-visiting all these authors i think... hrrrm not so good.

I even dug up my Elric series by Moorcock and couldnt get through the fist book.

Why is that?
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Fan fiction authors.

All of them.
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Ayn Rand has to be one of the least sophisticated writers and thinkers to ever gain popularity. Her philosophy (objectivism) is an incoherent mess so it's no surprise that manifests itself as preachy dribble.
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Terry Goodkind hands down.
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All the boring authors you are supposed to read in school.

If better books were assigned to students, more people might actually enjoy reading.
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I think my least favorite authors would be Laurell K Hamilton.

I used to read LKH books and while they weren't epic or even really awesome, they would get me through a plane ride or bus ride somewhere. Spend a quick afternoon reading a pretty decent detective story with a horror/supernatural twist. The one thing that I liked about the books was that her protagonist remained as professional as possible, had a moral code and stuck to it, and genuinely seemed to regret that she went for her gun as a solution to her problems.

The books have largely degenerated into erotic fiction and that's a shame. She can do what she likes with the character, but I stopped reading them and I do feel like she couldn't keep the books going with actual superior writing technique because when the time came for her step up her writing game, she decided to take the character's clothes off instead.

Her reaction to the criticism has also been very childish. Instead of addressing concerns over the character or the series, she just called people "too mundane" to appreciate her work. Her poor choices and her reaction to it make her the only author I actively dislike.

This. I used to love the Anita Blake series and then it just went to a place I couldn't follow.

Also Kathy Tyers. I tried reading Truce at Bakura once and it was so wretchedly bad that I couldn't get past the first chapter, if I got that far. I know she likely has a fan base but I just found that book totally unreadable.

Stephen R. Donaldson-I know, I know he's considered a classic author by this point but I had to read Lord Foul's Bane in high school and the main character, Thomas Covenant, was just the most unlikeable person I'd ever encountered as the hero of a story. Yeah I know he had a lot of bad crap happen to him, and yes I do understand that he thought the whole thing was a delusion at first but that still doesn't make him an endearing character to read about.
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All the boring authors you are supposed to read in school.

If better books were assigned to students, more people might actually enjoy reading.

Uggg... so much this, there's so many good books out there but because a few random people decided some things were "classics" or "works of art" we have to endure them.

My personal most hated author is the jerk who wrote angels in america the guy was clearly riding on the gay/aids wave and the story was just bad, only books I've ever gone to shortcuts for dummies as they were so annoying.
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Before I start yes I'm a stephenie Meyers fan boy

Her response would be sending u the twilight series and probably a pic of her swimming in a swimming pool of nothing but 100 dollar bills.
Haters going to hate.

I have a few I dislike Tolkien,Stephen king,George R. R. Martin(so freaking unoriginal)(the books feel like 6-12 book plots from other books ripped off and put in these)Rosen scott
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It's funny that you named Dean Koontz. My Grandmother used to read all the time. You could walk in any day of the week and ask, "What are you reading Gram?" She'd always have at least one book started and usually one in the queue. So when she had to stay in the hospital a while, someone brought her a book to read. It was something by Dean Koontz.

A nurse remarked, "I didn't take you for the type to read Dean Koontz!" She responded, "I'm not." lol

I won't name any of the usual suspects because I haven't read much of them nor do I intend to. Instead, I'll name Karen Miller, the author of books such as The Innocent Mage and The Awakened Mage. After two books - 1000+ pages - she had only managed to develop 1 character and he was a minor one. The main character is repeatedly called a good guy and yet by the end of The Awakened Mage, I couldn't stand him. She had a fairly strong female lead that she then turned into a blathering fool the moment she had her fall in love with the main character. Not only did she completely change this character's personality but she also knocked her up, effectively removing her from battle and making her useless.

The final bit of book two has the main character, the female lead, and their children harassing the only character to undergo any kind of development. It was supposed to be humorous like, "Oh, those two!" But really, I just wanted to burn the book.

By the end of all that horribly paced crap, you are missing so much info...but the books were so ungodly bad that I refuse to read anything else written by that woman.
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Marquis de Sade, he's such a sick bastard they named sadism after him. his books where so bad they sent him to jail for writing them.
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My recent attempt to read You Have Been Warned has given me nothing but distaste for James Patterson. :P
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Tom Clancy
Most of his plots are interchangeable making his books boring and predictable.
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It seems odd to dislike the father of epic fantasy even if you have a hard time reading his books. >_>

I've gotten this a lot from people. It's not so much that I don't like him, I just find his books annoying and tedious to read. Especially The Fellowship of the Ring.

Anyway, my favorite author is George R.R. Martin. Started with aSoIaF and then Fevre Dream, and the rest of his works. So my aSoIaF is my favorite but closely followed by Tuf Voyaging.
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