[Hotfix] Future Darkmoon Hatchlings are Rare

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Unfortunately the GM I got just said sorry can't help and that giving a stone to upgrade it was not part of their policy :(.
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12/06/2012 01:48 PMPosted by Vasala
Unfortunately the GM I got just said sorry can't help and that giving a stone to upgrade it was not part of their policy :(.

Just try again and hope you get a different one. I put in a ticket that explained the situation and a very helpful GM sent me a stone while I was offline (Thank you kind, GM!). As more and more people were saying the GMs they got said no I was kind of worried they had all been told to send no more stones out.

As Sesamee put it though it does seem that people are having to play musical GMs with this. I do hope a real fix comes for those that aren't able to get a stone sent to them.
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finding the right GM is like hunting for a rare. if u don't get one, just forfeit the battle and move on to the next...
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I did receive a flawless critter stone after I asked about one in my followup.

I'm still annoyed by their inability to administratively upgrade pets, but I'm less concerned about the darkmoon hatchlings than I am about the red and singing crickets. And, I suppose, the sapphire cub. The crickets should be Rare 100% of the time, and I shouldn't have to waste a stone on them. The cubs should be uncommon. I don't think pets learned from items, especially those from reputation or achievement rewards, should ever have the RNG involved in determining their quality ratings.
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I received a flawless generic stone from a GM regarding this.

Have people gotten pre-5.1 crickets upgraded to rare?
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Well, I just got the one critter stone, even though I asked about both crickets and the hatchling. Are the red cricket and sapphire cubs still producing randomized quality pets? I've heard conflicting information, don't want to waste gold testing them out.
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