tooltipParams in Items of Character API

90 Draenei Monk
I apologize if I missed it, but I have been trying unsuccessfully to find documentation for the possible values and meanings of the tooltipParams for the items retrieved with the Character API. If someone could point me to a resource, I would greatly appreciate it.

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100 Night Elf Hunter
my chest pice is a good example

"chest": {
"id": 85787,
"name": "Chestguard of Earthen Harmony",
"icon": "inv_chest_mail_reputation_c_01",
"quality": 4,
"tooltipParams": {
"gem0": 83151,
"gem1": 76588,
"reforge": 167

-you can have gems 0-3 on an item this refers to the item number of the gem that is socketed in the item
-Reforge refers to the stats reforg id that is on the item .. theres a list arround here somewhere..
you will also see Enchant and one other that i forget that refer to the spell id of the item enhance ment
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92 Goblin Warrior

  • enchant - string
  • extraSocket - bool
  • gem0 - int
  • gem1 - int
  • gem2 - int
  • reforge - int
  • set - array[int]
  • tinker - int
  • transmogItem - int

"chest": {
"id": 12345,
"name:" "SomeName",
"icon": "SomeIcon",
"quality": 4,
"tooltipParams": {
"enchant": "SomeEnchant",
"extraSocket": true,
"gem0": 42,
"gem1": 314159,
"gem2": 7,
"reforge": 1234,
"set": [78910],
"tinker": 9001,
"transmogItem": 111213

I'm fairly certain that is all of them.
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90 Draenei Monk
Thank you very much. I appreciate the info.

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