Damage and Healing recruiting for 10man raids

90 Orc Warrior

Ladies and Gentlemen. <Damage and Healing> (DnH) is recruiting again. We are looking for a few special souls to accompany us on a journey to slay some 10-man raids.

You could be one such soul.

Wait. What, what is <Damage and Healing>?

Good question. At our core, DnH is just some goofballs that like to play WoW(and other games), and like to partake in the epic min/max game of: HOW MUCH FUN can we have CRUSHING AS MANY ABSURD CHALLENGES AS POSSIBLE while simultaneously MINIMIZING REAL LIFE TIME, STRAIN, AND DRAMA?!

We like fitting this game into 10-man progression. Average one night per week for 2-3 efficient hours.

We’re cool. We have actual pulses and real lives. And we slay hard because we’re good.

Some raiding achievements:

• VANILLA– We’ve done it. Up to Nax.
• BC– We were part of the server-first Karazhan. We’ve done the rest, up to Sunwell.
• WOTLK– We did the server first 10man Ulduar. Cleared hard mode Ulduar and progressed through Lich King after.
• CATACLYSM—For the most part we got bored and skipped this one. A lot of us went to play LoL / other games. Some of us came back and saw all of the normal content.
• PANDARIA– Here we are. We like pandas. We LOVE Challenge modes. And we want to love 10-mans again. That’s where you come in…

How do I slay with you, DnH?

First, MEET THE BASIC QUALIFICATIONS: If you can answer “yes” to the following three questions, we believe you can come to thoroughly slay with us…

1. Are we currently looking for your spec/class? (check the top of this message)
2. Is your average ilvl for your raid spec greater than 465?
3. Do you ever notice something like, oh, I don’t know, maybe FIRE or a kind of FEL VOID ZONE appearing under your feet while playing this game, and if you so, do you know how to combat it? (hint: MOVEMENT KEYS)

If you meet these basic qualifications, you should send me an in game message or mail, something to indicate your interest. If you’re genuinely cool, not a troll, and you don’t keyboard turn, odds are you’ll be slaying with us in no time.

That’s all there is to it. Hope to slay with you soon.


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6 Blood Elf Warlock
What were the days and times you were considering for this raid group?
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90 Undead Rogue
Well how about that.
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90 Tauren Druid
have one of your officers send me an ingame mail.. have questions
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